An ideal of Maeder and Mohoric, Ganna is a train-OA Sport

An ideal of Maeder and Mohoric, Ganna is a train-OA Sport

The sixth stage of Giro d’Italia 2021, Frasassi-Ascoli Piceno Caves, gave great emotions. Gino Mader, at the end of a long run, is a well deserved hit. However, among the favorites, Bernal continued to attack in the final and only Rymco Evenbuell, Daniel Martin and the magnificent Giulio Ciccone were able to resist him. We go below to award votes for Today’s Champions with our report cards.

GIRO D’ITALIA Phase VI Report Cards 2021

Gino Madre (Bahrain Al-Nasr) Rating 10: Swiss Victorius returns from Bahrain after the insult he was exposed to in March at the Queen’s stage in Paris – Nice, and is achieving the best success in his career by imposing himself in Grotta di Frasassi-Ascoli Piceno today, the sixth stage of Giro 2021. It must also be emphasized how he managed to bend the ability On the endurance of a high-profile runner like Bauke Mollema.

Egan Bernal (Eneos) 8: The Colombian attacks again today, after making the team work all day. Only Evenepoel, Daniel Martin and Ciccone manage to resist him, while the others have to raise the white flag. In addition, he received a six-second bonus by winning the race for second place.

Daniel Martin (Emerging Israel) Rating 9: The Irish is the usual cagnaccio, and after performing without shame and without praise at Sestola, today we found him in front of the best men in the ranking. It’s not a showy runner, but it’s a guarantee on some climbing.

REMCO EVENEPOEL (DECEUNINCK-QUICK STEP) 8: The young Belgian is growing day by day. In Sestola, he lost ten seconds to Bernal, while today he managed to get him off the wheel. The three weeks remain unknown, but if he gets older we can witness a beautiful duel between him and the aforementioned Colombian.

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GIULIO CICCONE (TREK-SEGAFREDO) Rating 8.5: Ciccone is a very powerful tough, able to keep up with Evenepoel and Bernal, we’ve never seen it. We give him half a vote less than Martin because the attack on the ramp with Petiol and Bardett, given his condition, didn’t make much sense. He has to better manage his energies because we’re only on the sixth day of a gyro.

Damiano Caruso (victorious Bahrain) voice 8: Sicilians have a great first week. Today only Evipoil, Bernal, Ciccone and Martin went the fastest. On top of that, the level of satisfaction with gaining a few seconds increased on top riders like Yates, Vlasov, and Cathay.

DANIEL MARTINEZ (INEOS) Rating 7.5.2: With Sivakov out of the match, Martinez becomes Bernal’s lieutenant. But today the Colombian did an excellent test and reached the finish line with Caruso.

Mark Soler (film) Voice 7The rain surpasses the Catalan knight, who is walking faster than the Sestola break, and also reaches the front of the trio consisting of Vlasov, Karthy and Yates.

Alexander Vlasov (Astana) and Hogg Karthy (FDG Group) Rating 6They got to Sestola with Bernal and Sekkon, while today they lost 17 to the Colombians. To both are half a step back.

Simon Yates (Bike Exchange) Vote 5.5: Just like in Sestola, Briton leaves a few seconds on the road in terms of the best men. Given the unveiled condition of the Alpine Tour, it was reasonable to expect a better start from his side.

ATTILA VALTER (GROUPAMA-FDJ) Rating 9The Hungarian stuns everyone and closes the stage with the Yates team, so he was able to wear the pink shirt. The impression is that he is a runner who needs to struggle to move forward. Last year he had appeared at the end of the Giro, and had put himself in 10th place in Sestriere. Two days earlier, in Sestola, he hadn’t been able to keep up with Dombrovsky and de Marchi, but this long run seemed to have allowed him to find the pedal on the best days.

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Emmanuel Buchmann (BORA-HANSGROHE) Rating 5.5: The German is still afloat, but is losing 28 cents from Bernal. It’s still different from the tour a couple of years ago.

ROMAIN BARDET (TEAM DSM) VOTO 5.5.1 Update: The attack on the descent is unrealistic, but it is clear that it moved with a specific goal: The candidates anticipated because he felt inferior during the ascent. In the end, he managed to defend himself discreetly and hooked up with Buchmann.

TOBIAS FOSS (JUMBO-VISMA), Rating 7: The young Norwegian arrives with Buchmann and Bardet and takes the rank of Captain Jumbo-Visma due to the crisis of George Bennett.

DAVIDE FORMOLO (United Arab Emirates) vote 6.5: Veronese doesn’t impress Ciccone or Caruso, but he defends himself in secret and remains in the race for a place in the top ten in the overall ranking.

Joao Almeida (Dequenink – Quick Step) Rating 6.5: The Portuguese has fully recovered from the Sistula crisis and from now on he could be a very valuable winger for Remco Evenepoel.

Vote for Bilo Bilba (Bahrain Victorious) 5: Basque Country from Bahrain lose more than a minute from Bernal. We’re not there yet, but woe to give him up to die because a diesel like him can come out in the toughest stages of week two and three.

BAUKE MOLLEMA (TREK-SEGAFREDO) Rating 5.5: The Dutch are running around in search of success on the stage, but clearly separate from Gino Mader. More is expected of him.

Dario Cataldo (Motion Picture) Rating 7: Excellent performance for the veteran Abruzzo warrior who enters the breakup zone and begins the final ascent with two like Mader and Mollema who are beating him on paper.

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Jay Hindley (DSM Team) Vote 5: Another runner-up Giro Di Italia leaves more than two minutes on the board in front of Bernal. The only excuse is that he still has the blows he took in the bad fall he took on his Alpine Tour.

GEORGE BENNETT (JUMBO-VISMA) VOTO 4,5: In a crisis two days ago, and in a complete crisis today. The New Zealand champions are already out of the league and now, he can only contemplate partial successes.

Voting in Filipo Gana (ENOS) 10: The Verbania train pulls up and down as well as on slightly flat sections. Moreover, forcing him causes the theater to explode, already 60 kilometers from the end. Bernal has a truly exceptional wing.

Matij Mohawrik (victorious Bahrain) vote 10: But the exceptional wing is also Gino Mader. Mohoric runs along with his companion, leads her down the cliff and launches her towards smash hit.

Photo: La Presse

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