Rugby - 14th place - MHR

Rugby – 14th place – MHR

Heading to Montpellier, Alexander Ruiz is not the first referee to become a coach: in 2020, New Zealander Glenn Jackson ditched his whistle to join the Fiji crew. ad In the crew of Montpellier next season, As he would be in charge of defense, Alexander Ruiz was not the first referee to contemplate becoming a coach. In 2020, Glen Jackson (45) came up the same way. After his whistle, the New Zealander immediately joins the Fiji crew as he takes care of the game on foot but still advises on discipline and educates players on the performance of his previous profession. Above all, Jackson already had a certain profession: the career of a former professional player became a referee. Half of the opening, Super Rugby played with the leaders and was successfully banished to the Saracens in the English Championship. The New Zealander then became a professional referee once he closed his shoes, in 2010, at the age of 35, roughly the age at which Alexander Ruiz (34) changed course. Jackson is a “good rugby student” according to Cotter who is a member of the field referee list for the 2015 World Cup in England, and Jackson is yet to retain four years in Japan. Near the age limit (45), he redirected the following year toward training. Glenn has always been a good rugby student, open and open in his analysis of the gameVern Cotter, who integrated him into his Fiji team, explains. I think former players like him switch to training more easily once their desire to manage is gone. And so Glenn brings us two additional values, on skills, thanks to his knowledge of rugby, but also in interpretation of refereeing. “

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