Referee Alexander Ruiz on the Montpellier crew

Referee Alexander Ruiz on the Montpellier crew

International referee Alexandre Ruiz will join the full-time Montpellier crew this summer, having already provided his expertise on an ad hoc basis in recent weeks.

The Montpellier crew will be completed soon. Philippe Saint-André, who will retain the reins next season after Clermontois Franck Azema does not arrive, wanted to bring new skills alongside Jean-Baptiste Elsaldi and Olivier Azam. The arrival of New Zealander Bruce Rihanna has been in effect for several weeks. The former Bordeaux Bigley full-back will manage the skills. But that won’t be all, with the promotion of what is less authentic in the future.

The strongman of the Ministry of Human Rights set his sights on … an arbitrator, in this case Alexander Ruiz, as indicated by him. Aljabiraama And confirmed by RMC Sport, it will already integrate full-time Herault management next season to take care of the defense sector. The two parties want to work together on a daily basis. The decision was tough for the 34-year-old Petroit, who, in a few weeks, will have to end his career as referee, during which he will be notably referees in the top 14, of course, in the European Cup, in the tournament. Sixth countries, at the Olympic Games or the World Cup 2019.

Ruiz has actually occasionally collaborated with MHR

This season, he has already brought his experience to Beziers but also on several occasions to MHR, particularly before the European Challenge semi-final victory in Bath last April. Target? I work on the discipline of the people of Montpellier, who suffer regularly this season this season. Ruiz, who was also an attacking coach for Sète, convinced the PSA. The latter raised doubts about his future, on Saturday night, after beating Bayonne (23-19) synonymous with maintenance even before the last day at Bao.

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“He’s the boss [Mohed Altrad] Who announced that. I haven’t decided anything yet. I didn’t decide anything, I didn’t sign anything. First of all, I am glad that Olivier Azzam and Jean-Baptiste Elsaldi have been going on for two years, because they are also the success of this group. Of course, I enjoyed it, but we’ll see, I haven’t decided anything yet … “If the former coach hasn’t signed anything yet, the result is not in doubt …

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