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Rotten Tomatoes has its own broadcast channel in the USA

Rotten tomatoes Mature. Ready for your broadcast channel. Home of Tomato Scale Reviews Owned by NBCUs Fandango starts linear flow service Rotten Tomato Channel.

The OTT broadcast show will initially celebrate the first show on the Roku Channel. Later on, it aired on Peacock’s own NBC platform and also Comcast Belong to Xumo. It was not clear when exactly the start could be expected.

The press release stated:On Rotten Tomatoes, discover new and exclusive premium series that tell you the stories of some of your favorite movies and shows, fun and insightful interviews and games with stars and filmmakers (Jordan Peele! The Rock! Awkwafina!), Live and funny movies – and TV discussions with the most important minds in business, trailers Great for upcoming movies and series (plus the opportunity to rewatch old favorites) – and of course – recommendations to ensure your watchlist stays very fresh. (Or lazy – sometimes we’re in the mood for something green.) (…)

What exactly is happening on the channel? All that only film and television fans could wish for, if we could take the boldness. In addition to what you expect from Rotten Tomatoes – movie and TV recommendations and tips, celebrity interviews, fun games, news, trailers, and scene segmentation – you’ll find an original series. This includes some fan favorites, like the hugely popular vs. showcases, but also brand new shows created for channel only.

RT Basics: In this informative entertainment show, we tell you the stories behind the films that defined the eras, genres, and careers of some of our greatest stars.

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Reloaded trailers“Get the”I can’t wait to see thisTwitching with sets of trailers ranging from Hitchcock classics toHarry PotterMovies and Marvels Epic MCU movie jammer ads are enough.

countdown“: We are counting down the top 10 movies and TV shows from different eras and genres, according to our trusted Tomatometer and / or the chiefs’ expertise at Rotten Tomatoes.

Basement: A collection of the biggest laughs, the tiniest visions, and questionable haircuts from our interviews with stars and filmmakers from the past decade.

Somehow it feels inflationary now that everyone has their own broadcast channel. But if Rotten Tomatoes also entered the race for the audience, then, similar to IMDb TV, we can expect our own series as well. It will be interesting to see how the tomato scale will appear …

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