How Netflix has Revolutionised the Entertainment Industry

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Netflix has been the dominant company for quite some time. Over 160 million people pay for the service, and it’s safe to say that it’s giving people the chance to consume content in a way that they find convenient. Netflix has even disrupted the television industry, forcing cable companies to completely change how they conduct business. It has also accelerated the cutting of cords. People are now cancelling their television subscriptions, and they are also taking a positive step when it comes to content. If you want to find out more, read on through the article below.

How Netflix Started Out

When you look at how Netflix started, you will soon see it is a far cry from the very humble beginnings with which they first started. Netflix began in the year 1997, and it originally started as a site that gave people the chance to rent any DVDs that they wanted online. They could then get them delivered by mail.  They had to compete with television networks from the start, but at the end of the day, their main competition was brick-and-mortar movie rental companies. The casino industry experienced the same pressure. Online casinos had to compete with brick-and-mortar casinos because they provided a much more immersive experience at the time. Online casinos then started to develop, showcasing games that could not be replicated in land-based establishments. These games included pirates slots and other fun alternatives. When online casinos began to do this, they then experienced a surge in viewers, which helped make them everything they are today.

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Streaming Begins

It was in the year 2007 when internet speeds started to get fast. Personal computers also became much more powerful, laying the foundations for streaming services and enabled streaming to take off. Netflix then came around and launched its streaming service. You could then watch movies any time you wanted, without having to be on a schedule. On top of this, you didn’t have to go through the effort of returning them either. This innovation brought about the death of the video rental business, and many companies went under as a result. Once streaming services started taking shape, networks were then able to create tons of their own content.

Moving to Original Content

Netflix then began to create a lot of content of their own. They did this in a costly and risky way. When shows were approved based on the pilot or other metrics, Netflix chose to offer showrunners a contract upfront so that they could create an entire season or two. Soon, you had big seasons in production, some of which included Orange Is the New Black and even the Crown. This innovative development created a loyal fanbase. It helped to solidify all of the progress that Netflix has managed to make over the years, which helped boost the industry, making everything that it is known for today.

So, it would seem that Netflix has brought around the death of many companies, including Blockbuster. That being said, it has also helped to change the entertainment industry for the better. It has also rocketed the potential of streaming, with sites such as Spotify being able to capitalise on the new-found movement. Only time will tell what ends up happening in the future. It may be that streaming eventually comes to an end when a new form of technology emerges on the market, but either way, Netflix will probably find a way to stay relevant.

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