“Return science to the level of the people.”

“Return science to the level of the people.”

“Some write poetry, others write philosophy. What fascinates me is the smell of a dog. Or the processes of a lipoma. » On this October morning, in her beautiful apartment on 12th StreetH In the Paris district, in front of a bookshop where two Fauves were received at the Angoulême Festival, comic book author Marion Montaigne talks inimitably about man’s best friend: “A dog knows if you’re male or female, if you’ve eaten, if you’re sick, what you’ve touched and in which direction. It’s a world of smells, very different from ours, and probably unbearable on the subway. It’s unbelievable when you think about it. It’s like an interview A type of alien being. »

In Our Lost Worlds, she takes an interest in another animal, which also has everything alien to it: a tyrannosaurus. Or almost. “We don’t see any dinosaurs until two-thirds of the way through the book.”,

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Cecil Pryor

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