Black weekend in Occitania: two fishermen die within a few hours

Black weekend in Occitania: two fishermen die within a few hours

Within a few hours, two fishermen lost their lives in Hérault, on Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November 2023. A dark weekend.

Within a few hours, on the same weekend, Two fishermen lost their livesin Hérault, on Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5, 2023.

The first fisherman to suffer a heart attack

According to Medi LibreThe first hunter would have surrendered To cardiac arrestThis occurred during the day of Saturday, November 4, 2023, while he was in the town From Irisin the western province of Herault, and was aged 65 years old.

Another died of his wounds

On the same day, one of his counterparts, an 80-year-old man, was injured. He was seriously injured While hunting wild boars. This happened in the Comet region, in Béziers, and still in Hérault.

According to the first items collected by our octogenarian colleagues He was attacked by a wild boar. In fact, the animal was found dead next to the hunter. The latter was discovered With a serious wound to the thigh And in cardiovascular arrest.

He was hospitalized in Montpellier and operated on overnight, but his vital prognosis remained serious. But unfortunately he diedThis Sunday.

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