Les Utopiales de Nantes: attendance record for the 2023 edition

Les Utopiales de Nantes: attendance record for the 2023 edition

November 5, 2023 at 9:59 pm – Modified: November 5, 2023 at 10:04 pm by Dolores Charles

The congress city of Nantes was not empty for 5 days with the Utopiales Festival, which ended on Sunday evening (November 5). The number of attendees for the Science Fiction Festival reached 141,538 visitors, compared to 108,000 over four days last year.

Science fiction lovers or fans, this is happening in Nantes! festival Utopia It concluded on Sunday (November 5) in the Cité des Congrès. The event has been open since last Wednesday (November 1), attracting tens of thousands of people, more than 140,000 in total, compared to 108,000 last year when the 2023 edition had an extra day.

“There’s a little bit of all kinds of science fiction acting out there, and scientists out there as well.”

Enables the public to attend conferences, round tables and watch films or exhibitions: “I’ve been coming here for years, let’s say it’s somewhat of a habit, but I also come here out of interest because it’s often different. Conferences are interesting, and even if they are long, there may not be enough time to see all Something… Almost all types of science fiction art are present, and scientists are present as well… There were very nice conventions, and very “cool” films, both in competition and on old films.. “Honestly, the people are nice and the games are great. “Science transfer is a really interesting topic.”

Utopia audience

credit: Elwyn Rucci

“We want to convey the idea of ​​transportation to as many people as possible.”

Roland Lehock, astrophysicist and president of Utopiales, explains that this Utopiales festival is open to everyone: We’re targeting the general public but we don’t want to lose scientists or sci-fi fans because ultimately they are the beating heart of SF, the ones who make it come alive. We don’t want to lose anyone, but we want to reach as many people as possible. We want to convey to as many people as possible, this is the idea of ​​​​the transmission topic. This question of transfer is close to our hearts, to what we find in science, and above all to show that the alliance between science and science fiction is a wonderful pair of tools for ultimately understanding our world, acting in our world and taking that step aside that allows us to understand this world in which we live. Better.”

“There is something for everyone” Roland Lahouk

What pleases us is the various forms of support provided: from literature to cinema, including conferences and exhibitions. “Everyone finds what he is looking for.” Roland Lahouq, in an interview with Elwin Roche: “Perhaps the attraction of Utopiales is that it is also a transmedia festival that uses all forms of science fiction: literature, that’s obvious, and cinema but also comics, video games, board games, manga, etc. We go there for one reason and stay there for another… and we remember a lot of things, which we did not expect to find there or which we find a little by chance and without really knowing. But since the atmosphere is so good, we have a great audience… It is a real pleasure for me to be the Chairman of this beautiful and popular festival.”

Roland Lehock, astrophysicist and president of Utopiales

credit: Elwyn Rucci

On Monday 6 November, it’s time for schoolchildren to attend the Utopiales festival in Nantes.

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