Do you often wake up around 4 a.m.?  Here’s why, according to science

Do you often wake up around 4 a.m.? Here’s why, according to science

Waking up at night It is something we have all experienced at least once. Some lucky people sleep almost like babies, anywhere and soundly. Others have much more Difficulty sleeping Or having really effective nights in terms of recovery. However, good sleep is essential pillar the Psychological comfort From our body.

the Sleeps It allows us to maintain or even improve our site Mental and psychological health. a Deprivation Rest, when prolonged, can be dangerous Start our balance. Physical signs may appear (the risk of obesity, for example) as well as psychological disorders (loss of attention, constant fatigue). In itself, He wakes up In the middle of the night it’s not really a problem. This becomes the case when this stage continues and we can no longer return to the arms of Morpheus.

Wake and sleep cycles

Waking up is just a natural part of Sleep stages Which follow each other during the night. Many times, between the time we actually go to bed and the time we wake up, we will experience more awake moments. In addition, Indoor night events (Nightmares or even snoring) such as Externals (baby crying, temperature change) can lead to sudden awakening. Regardless of the time, it doesn’t really matter according to one of the experts on the site Cleveland Clinic.

Thus, nocturnal awakening, even if regular, is not necessarily associated with insomnia. Furthermore it, conditioning You can also play on this. If you take, for any reason,usually To wake up at dawn, your body remembers this and will automatically repeat it, at least for a while. There are also other reasons put forward by science to explain this Frequent waking up.

Control environment

One of the first factors to evaluate is simply the environment in which you sleep. If you live in a neighborhood calm Or near the road annoying (Especially without double glazing), the impact on your sleep will never be the same. a a light, even weak, but regular, can also stimulate your brain unconsciously (even through the eyelids). It is therefore necessary to turn off all devices equipped with light standby mode. the ScreensThyroid activity, especially during the transitional phase between daily and nighttime activity, can stimulate the brain and lead to more disturbed sleep, leading to early awakening.

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Know how to identify potential problems

The desire to I go to the bathroom It is a regular reason to wake up early. When the bladder reaches its maximum capacity, the brain becomes active and sleep becomes difficult, if not impossible. However, if you stay awake without being able to get back to sleep quickly enough, there may be deeper causes. a Great pressure Or certain forms ofanxiety They will show themselves in a special way Harmful To a truly restful sleep. This can be accidental due to the dangers we can all go through.

However, be careful not to underestimate the possible Sleep disorders Who need treatment. there depression It can seriously affect your sleep. Its presence can appear everywhere at the slightest awakening, making a return to calm impossible. This is often a risk vicious circle Because deprivation of rest may worsen depression. casesSleep Apnea It can also be behind fragmented and stressful nights. If you have the slightest doubt, it is best to consult a professional for an evaluation. Sleep doesn’t wait!

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