Red Bronze Space, a special tribute room

Red Bronze Space, a special tribute room

On Friday, November 24, Espace Ried Brun in Muntzenheim will host a Clapton Tribute concert with the group Slowhand. This is the third collaboration between the Zik’Inside association, headed by Alain Schäfer, the production company Pageo, headed by Patrick Jorgintum, and the Pôle Ried Brun guild, headed by Marc Bouchet.

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Following the ABBA Tribute, in November 2022 and the Rock’M Ried Festival, in June 2023, Espace Ried Brun in Muntzenheim will host the Clapton Tribute Concert on Friday 24 November. This is thanks to the partnership launched by Bernard Gerber, former president of the Paul Red Brun union, and Marc Bouchet, current president and mayor of Müntzenheim, to program a “concert” to honor ABBA, financed and selected by Sophia.

Flexibility and accessibility

On this occasion they met Patrick Jorginthum, Zik’Inside programmer and Pageo production manager.

The success of the November 2022 gala reassured the partners about the possibility of Espace Ried Brun hosting this type of event. Indeed, Patrick Jurgenthum emphasizes the dual interest of this hall in terms of “flexibility and accessibility”; It allows configurations ranging from 1,000 people standing, to 600 people in seated and standing, and 400 people in seated spaces.

Audiences sometimes come from far and wide to hear 70s and 80s rock live, the only alternative when the original groups stop performing.

Regions in the first part

Mr. Georgenthum selects groups that are faithful to the artists who perform them. For Marc Bouchet, the arrival of the honor “is a plus for the sector” and enables “the influence of the room”.

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Mr. Jorgenthom also noted the importance of this partnership, as he wants to establish himself “permanently” at Espace Ried Brun.

Other concerts are already scheduled: Tribute Abba (ABBA Gold Europe) Friday 17 December; In May 2024, Phil Collins Tribute (The Genesis and Phil Collins Tribute Show); Rock’M Ried Tribute Festival on the first weekend of June with a Hard Rock Session (AC/DI Tribute AC/DC and Snagetooth Tribute Motorhead), and a Michael Jackson Tribute (Tribute Live Experience).

The programmer still has many ideas, and one of his favorite ideas is that he wants to program The Musical Box Tribute Genesis.

Zik’Inside also wants to highlight the regional scene, and regional groups are always open for concerts.

More information on 07 64 44 28 40 or email at [email protected] and on Zikenside Facebook page

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