Nobel laureate Anne Lhuillier wants to “show that women can have a career in science”

Nobel laureate Anne Lhuillier wants to “show that women can have a career in science”

“It is a pleasure to receive the Nobel Prize.”Anne Lhuillier interacts with France Inter, after a month and a half of her presence Awarded by the prestigious academy For his work on the speed of electrons. Since then, the researcher and teacher have responded to numerous requests and seized the opportunity.”I testify that women can have a career in science and physics.” “There are a lot of stereotypes. Young girls might say no, we can’t do science because there are too few women. I want to fight this stereotype“, she insists.

The one who studies in Sweden says to herself:Upbeat“Because for five to six years, there were more women in his classes.”It is important to follow your intuition, and your flair for doing science, when you have the opportunity.“She continues.”I would really like to say out loud that it is possible to have a career in science and have a family“It highlights the benefits of the Swedish model in this regard.”very flexible”“, which allows”Combining family life and professional life“.

“We must allow time to do research.”

Many scientists have been warning for several years about the lack of research funding. “Basic research always needs funding, which is not necessarily easy to find“, recalls Anne Lhuillier, emphasizing that “The European community helps a lot.” “It is very important to do basic research and it takes time. Therefore, we should not immediately demand results that are important to society, but rather allow time for this research.“, points out the teacher.

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The Nobel Prize award ceremony is scheduled to be held on December 10 in Stockholm.

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