The evidence of these maneuvers is the pressure on small spaces

The evidence of these maneuvers is the pressure on small spaces

To squeeze through small spaces, hummingbirds cannot fold their wings like other birds. But they found another way. Two researchers tell us today. And some rather surprising ways!

To make their way through tree branches in a dense forest, most birds bend their wings at the wrist or elbow. But hummingbirds can’t do that. However, they managed to squeeze into small areas. Finally, researchers from the University of Berkeley (USA) explain how Journal of Experimental Biology.

To pass through small spaces, hummingbirds fly sideways

To understand this, the researchers first had to imagine an experiment that would encourage hummingbirds to fly through small, hole-shaped spaces between 6 and 12 centimeters across – a hummingbird’s wingspan is about 12 centimetres. The researchers used feeders filled with sugar solutions. Then they observed everything using slow motion and wide cameras. SpeedSpeed Which allows us to see what we have eyeseyes Don’t discriminate.

The amazing flight of a hummingbird on video

And every time, the hummingbirds stopped in front of her ” Barriers “. As if to evaluate them. Then to cross ” Barriers “ Slightly slit-shaped, the hummingbirds took a quite abrupt sideways position. Without forgetting to constantly flap your wings so as not to lose your height. To pass through the smallest holes – or when” impediment “ It was known to them that hummingbirds, on the other hand, folded their wings straight before resuming their flapping once they had overcome the obstacle.

Successful strategy for hummingbirds

The researchers point out that only 8% of the birds included in the study were infected in the experiment. Hummingbird witnessed a “big collision” However, he recovered from it so well that he tried his luck again. And with success this time. The evidence, according to scientists, is that side-flying technology allows hummingbirds to reduce the risk of collision.

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