Crawls.  Assistant Director for Espace Paul-Jargot

Crawls. Assistant Director for Espace Paul-Jargot

Why did you make this hire?

Dominique Grimaud: “The project to create Espace Paul-Jargot (EPJ) is no longer only linked to cultural mediation around a hosted show, but also “beyond the walls”. This recruitment takes this development into account. With the creation of the PLEAC (Plan for Local Artistic and Cultural Education), coordinated From the community of municipalities of Le Grésevoudan, the EPJ, called “Resource Landscape of Isère”, had the primary role in structuring projects in the entire region. It was necessary to strengthen the position of artistic and cultural education, as well as the political will of the city of Krolls. It was the Education Artistic and Cultural (EAC) It is the DNA of Jargut for 15 years. The appointment of Deputy Director allows us to advance the relationship with the supervisory authorities, DRAK (Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs), administration, in working with other facilities, and coordinating projects throughout Grisevodan. »

Mary Van Outrieff, what is your professional background?

Marie Van Outrieff: “I have always worked in the field of culture. After a university course in visual arts, art philosophy, and cultural work management, I started my career in contemporary art and cultural mediation, developing cultural projects as a teacher. I then joined a popular education association for four years “For years, I worked at the Avignon Festival and Printemps de Bourges. I wanted to explore this cultural side, and after being replaced at MC2 in PR, I was hired by EPJ.”

What are your duties at EPJ?

Marie Van Outrieff: “I am responsible for arts and cultural education projects, and the goal is to develop a regional project around EPJ programming, working with social, educational and resident partners. It is about building bridges between the needs of the region and culture, meeting the public, seeing what is there and providing added value. I I am in constant contact with the Director and other members of EPJ to develop EAC projects and highlight our work. Currently in the period of diagnosis of the region, I work closely with the population and their needs. Culture opens spaces for speech. Cultural projects should contribute to this. »

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