RC Toulon - ASM Clermont : ce qu

RC Toulon – ASM Clermont: What to remember from the defeat of Clermont (32-22)

ASM Clermont lost Saturday 32-22 at Toulon Park, for the 21st day of Top 14. Having missed the end of the first period and the beginning of the second, the Auvergnats woke up, without being able to return to score.

Game Summary:

ASM Clermont was logically defeated by a team from Toulon fighting to keep it, and was doing better in a few matches, as evidenced by its solid 41-11 success against La Rochelle last week.

In the first period marked by strong winds against Claremont, Toulon struck quickly. Stopped by Auvergne’s defense 5 meters from the line, Baresi passed on the ground to Etzebeth. The South African world champion held up well against two Asian players, playing alone with the defense to flatten his outstretched arm, allowing Toloni to make the difference (13-3). But the Craftsman and Mini have reacted well. In a gentle movement of the two on the right, Moala mended two defenders, before falling back to Barraque. The winger came in to finish off Villiers (13-8, 25).

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Clermont fissures at the end of the first period

At the end of the period, ASM played the match poorly and was penalized when the siren sounded. Toulon took the opportunity to play on contact, wrapping up the ball with Gross carry (20-8, 40 +3).

And the start of the second half turned largely in favor of Toloni, who scored two goals in the first quarter of the hour: the first with an incorrect pass from Barak, after a choppy movement. Locke intercepted to spin alone in the test for over 50 meters (25-8, 47). Hériteau, based on a move initiated by Serin, finds the interval and temporarily grants an attack bonus to Varois (32-8, 54).

RC Toulon – ASM Clermont: Give Feedback

Raka pulled one back and was rewarded by Toloni in a match for sending off Matsushima on the right. Locke resisted well, to come and flatten on the sidelines (32-15, 60). Moala allowed Claremont to return to 10 points from Var, with hindsight hoping to snatch an additional defensive point.

ASM is bowing out after three straight wins, and could see places qualifying for the final stages should its rivals do well this weekend.

Man of the Match: George Mwala

The New Zealander did the beat, making twists, and confirming all the goodwill he’s been allowed to see this week. Great activity in the Clermont Saab team, clumsy in his serve, which cracked in the main stages of the match. He gave a good ball to Barraque on Clermont’s first attempt and was rewarded at the end of the match with a try (79) which gave hope to the Auvergnats. without result.

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14th Place: ASM Clermont loses to Toulon (32-22) and ends their winning streak (read the live stream again)

Match number: 6

It has been six years, since April 3, 2016, that ASM has not won at Toulon, six games in total. With the big defeats in particular, as in 2018 (49-0), 2019 (11-32 and 41-19) or even in 2020 (27-9).

Jason Cotard


Toulon (Mayol Stadium). Referee: Mr. Ramos

points. RC Toulon: Four attempts by Etzebeth (16), Gros (40 + 3), Luc (47), Hériteau (54), two kicks (7, 13) and three diversions (17, 40 + 4, 55) from Carbonell.

ASM Clermont: Three attempts by Barraque (25th place), Raka (60th place), Moala (79th place), a penalty by Parra (10th place) and two conversions by Parra (61st place) and Hanrahan (79th place).

Result evolution: 3-0, 3-3, 6-3, 13-3, 13-8, 20-8, 25-8, 32-8, 32-15, 32-22.

yellow card : Toulon: Setiano (77).

RC Toulon: Luke. Colby, Herito; Bayawa, Villier; carbonyl (Q), serine (M); Olivon, Barris, Dobriz; Allinois, Itzebeth; Gigashvili, Tolovua, Peg.

Alternatives: Sosene-Feagai, Devaux, Rebbadj, Roux, Wainiqolo, Smaïli, white, Setiano

ASM Clermont: Matsushima. Raka, Mwala, Barak, Tibergin; (o) Lopez, (m) Para; Fisher, Lee, Etoria (head); Vahaamahina, Lanen; Oguvan, Fourcade, Valgo.

Alternatives: Bodo, Beria, Jedrasiak, Kankurit, Viallard, Hanrahan, Benod, Soleimani.

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