va'a marathon at sea, tuaro maohi on land

va’a marathon at sea, tuaro maohi on land

On the fringes of the vaa race, traditional sports caused quite a stir in the crowd: stone-lifting, javelin throwing, tuaru maui athletes ensured a good start to the season… despite the absence of the great champions.

Two years later, the athletes did not find each other. This Tahiti tournament is just happiness. Two island associations finally find themselves in joy and humour. “With this confinement, we couldn’t see each other. Otherwise, we train with the mask, it’s hard. And there, without the mask, we’re happy, throwing spades at each other!” , As Inatio Raveino, AS Te Uhi Taramea competitor, describes it so well. “It’s good to start the year with a performance at this festival”and adds Erickson Bennett.

The javelins were having fun throwing spikes at each other…

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Fewer but stone-lifting contenders have similar motivations. Among beginners, Paku Mata takes first place with a stone of 100 kilograms. While he was among the veterans, Torea took first place with a lift of 150 kilograms. “I’ve been training with my cousins ​​for two weeks, and at the last minute I agreed to do it. Here’s the result!”explains proudly Baku Mata. “For 16 years, I’ve been wearing it [des pierres] Until now. I am 29 years old, every year I participate. We were at that time with my older brother, but he left. I’m the only one who lastedsays Torea Teriamano.

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Tuaro Mwahi

Climbing coconut trees is a very difficult art.

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Pride for all to represent the sport of their ancestors, and the idea of ​​linking va racing with traditional sports naturally flowed. “It’s very good, it’s satisfying, because people who can’t follow races at sea, suddenly have something else on land, it’s not bad”Emanuela thought. “These are wonderful men and women lifting stones. I can’t do that.”Hervey admits.

Twaro Mauhi

While waiting for the show va’a to return on land.

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A morning rich in sharing, like a wreath stand that was always full.

Traditional sports federations should meet at the Polynesian Championships to be held in July with athletes from Hawaii, Samoa and New Zealand.

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