Rare alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus early on Sunday

Rare alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus early on Sunday

This Sunday, it would be a good idea to look up at the sky just before sunrise. While, for several weeks, VenusAnd Mars And Saturn Visible at nightfall, this show will welcome a new guest.

as indicated Our colleagues from ParisThis weekend, which begins on Sunday, will be a rare opportunity to observe Alignment of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. To observe this phenomenon with the naked eye, it would be necessary to be in the northern hemisphere and observe the sky at dawn by turning towards the southeast horizon. It is better to prefer a place far from light pollution and with a flat surface, because Jupiter It would be very low in the sky.

These planets will actually only be aligned from Earth’s perspective. This offer will continue Until the end of the month And, apotheosis, will also include The presence of the moon from April 23. according to trust my knowledgeThis type of major planetary alignment has only occurred three times since 2005.

Note that the next meeting of astronomy lovers will be very soon, from June. At dawn, again, MercuryAnd VenusAnd MarsAnd JupiterAnd Saturn It will be visible again and will be joined as well Uranus If conditions are perfect. But it will be wider and therefore difficult to distinguish and photograph.

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