According to science, here’s when to snack so you don’t gain weight

This study was published in the journal Stream biology And it was reported by our colleagues from Top Health, who revealed that, in fact, there will be a moment in our day when snacking will be without dire consequences.

According to the researchers in the study, the ideal is to have a small snack at the end of the afternoon. Because ? The circadian rhythm responsible for regulating metabolism is working at full capacity diet.

According to the report’s findings, “People burn 10% more calories in the late afternoon and early evening than at breakfast. morning”. Conversely, the worst time to snack of the day according to the study, would be towards the end of the evening. This is the time when our metabolism begins to rest and therefore is less effective in eliminating what we just ate.

Yes, yes, you will understand that, popcorn or other sweets in front of the second season of Bridgetonforget.

Although there is a time when we snack more than others, that doesn’t mean we have the right to eat anything and everything. We still avoid what are industrial buns, and other little guilt pleasures, that risk making us feel guilty.

Better to nibble smartly. Maintain yourself with foods that fill your stomach without being a blast of calories.

For this, you can count on fruit, a handful of almonds or cottage cheese. And above all, do not forget to get enough water during the day. Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst.

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