Strasbourg Robertso.  Projections, performance and dance on the mountain theme in the Apollonia space

Strasbourg Robertso. Projections, performance and dance on the mountain theme in the Apollonia space

On the sidelines of the exhibition “La Montagne / Panoramen” that continues until 1Verse May at Espace Apollonia, rue Boecklin à la Robertsau, invitation of Goethe-Institut and Lieu Documentaire (re)discovery of two films by Werner Herzog on Wednesday 20 April 6.30 pm at Maison de l’image 31, rue Kageneck in Strasbourg. fantasy Cerro Toure: Cry of the Rock (1991) is inspired by the story of the supposed first invasion of the Cerro Torre summit in Patagonia, in 1959, by Italian mountaineer Cesare Maestri and his Austrian partner Tony Egger. The script is based on an idea by mountaineer Reinhold Messner, with whom Herzog worked while filming his documentary. Gasherbrum, the luminous mountain (1984) The second evening film. Movies are shown on VOST and admission is free.

What is the other?

Another proposal attached to the exhibition this week, Anamorphoses #l’Autre, a project by AxisModula featuring a presentation by Nina Maghsoodloo and Sarah Brabo-Durand, was presented at Thursday April 21 6 p.m. at Espace Apollonia (duration: 2 hours, free admission). Anamorphosis is the search for meaning in the midst of a whirlwind of information. This phenomenon is especially used by architects or visual artists: by placing oneself in the right place, and looking at a precise angle, the entire image appears in perspective. It is enough to move a few centimeters and the image disappears or scattered. Each definition changes and gives the perception of another image … or just chaos. This meeting is an invitation to explore points of view, listen and look around, and seek definition together, especially about the other. What separates us, brings us closer, defines us, gives us a sense of belonging to “we”, “them”, “me” … Is this an illusion? building? Concrete fact? What is the other? So many topics that this performance calls for thought.

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body language vocabulary

Sunday 24 April It’s 6 pm, and I’m still at Apollonia area Put this time to dance, with die Seherinnen Juliet, Two Films Project and Team. It deals with the gestural vocabulary of the body, specific to each individual. How we see and read each other! ? What is body image, gestures and facial expressions, and what do you hide? While preparing for the project, 16 people of different ages, genders and cultural influences, from Stuttgart and the surrounding areas, spoke about their situation through video interviews. Choreographer Juliette Felmen and dancers Anika Bendel, Sauko Nonutani, Jeff Pham and Johannes Walter devoted biographical material and developed a vocabulary of dance.

Exhibition “La Montagne / Panoramen” until 1Verse May at Espace Apollonia 23 Rue Böcklin in Strasbourg; Wed to Fri 11am to 6pm, weekends 2pm to 6pm Dedicated project website opened with business details and Rahmenprogramm:

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