Promise 'simply moved' to 2030, criticizes NGO to protect forests

Promise ‘simply moved’ to 2030, criticizes NGO to protect forests

Sylvain Angeran, campaign coordinator at the NGO Canopée, said Tuesday on franceinfo that the deforestation agreement announced at COP26 is an “interesting signal” but that “concrete actions” are needed.

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More than 100 countries, including France, pledged Tuesday, November 2 during COP26, to stop deforestation and “Forest restoration” by 2030. “it’s too late”, Estimates in franceinfo Sylvain Angeran, campaign coordinator for the NGO Canopée working to protect the world’s forests. These countries account for 85% of the world’s forests.

Most of the signatories, including France, have already committed to ending import deforestation in 2020., which is the context of Sylvain Angeran. “We haven’t hit that target and we’re just turning it into 2030. It’s worrying.” Among the signatories, twelve, including France, will commit to a joint mobilization of 8.75 billion pounds, i.e. 12 Billions of dollars in public money to protect and restore forests.

According to Sylvain Angeran, there is a question regarding the signing of a certain number of countries “that one can legitimately doubt his good faith”. He cites in particular the Democratic Republic of the Congo, “Which is preparing to lift a moratorium on cutting trees an area the size of France” but also brazil, “Where we broke deforestation records for three years.” he wonders : “What is their credibility?”

“This sign is interestingRecognizes the Global Convention, But today we need concrete measures and we must see them in a much more subtle way.”.

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