Mubasher - COP 26: Elizabeth II urges leaders to create 'common cause' in the face of climate change

Mubasher – COP 26: Elizabeth II urges leaders to create ‘common cause’ in the face of climate change

“midnight less”

Huge expectations, equal to climate catastrophes sweeping the planet: After the “shattered hopes” of the G-20 summit, more than 120 world leaders gather this Monday in Glasgow, in a rush on all sides to do more and faster to avoid the worst. for mankind.

According to excerpts from his televised address, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, host of the crucial COP26 conference, should tell them, “Humanity has played too long on the climate. It is one minute until midnight and we must act now.”

Observers have hoped that this weekend’s meeting of G20 leaders in Rome, which accounts for nearly 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions, will give a boost to this Scottish meeting that has been postponed for a year due to Covid-19.

The G-20 coherently reaffirmed the goal of limiting warming to +1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial era (the most ambitious ceiling of the Paris Agreement), adding an ambition for carbon neutrality in the middle and end of the last century. Subsidies for coal-fired power plants abroad. But this has not convinced NGOs, the United Nations or the British Prime Minister.

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