The United Nations says the famine in Madagascar was initially caused by global warming

The United Nations says the famine in Madagascar was initially caused by global warming

He stressed that “the situation is very worrying.” Aduino Mangoni, Assistant Director from the World Food Programme.

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Global warming is the cause of the famine that hits Madagascar. That’s what was said Aduino Mangoni, The Deputy Director of the World Food Program briefing the United Nations in Geneva, Tuesday, November 2. He stated that 30,000 people are now suffering from starvation in the southern half of the island which has been hit by an unprecedented drought in forty years, and more than 1.3 million people are suffering from acute malnutrition.

‘The situation is very worrying’Describing the children, he said,who only have skin on their bones” He met them at a feeding center on a recent trip to the worst-hit area. that it “The only climate change-related famine on Earth”, He stressed that those now striking Yemen, South Sudan and the Ethiopian Tigray region are all caused by armed conflicts.

He warned that the next harvest can only take place in six months and that the situation could deteriorate by then, recalling that 500,000 children are already suffering from malnutrition in Madagascar. Among them, 110,000 suffer from acute or severe malnutrition, which puts their lives at risk.

A recent Amnesty International report indicated that 91% of the population in the southern tip of the island is experiencing serious economic hardship, and drought has destroyed the agricultural and fishing productive capacities that families depend on for their survival.

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