La Rochelle se déplace à Toulon dans le cadre de la 15e journée du Top 14

Program and results of the fifteenth day

Like Ligue 1, the Top 14 starts 2022 turned upside down due to Covid-19 pollution and stadium metrics. Meetings Toulon La Rochelle And Toulouse MontpellierThe National Rugby Union announced on Friday that it has been postponed, scheduled for Sunday on behalf of Day 15, with the RCT and MHR “unable to play”.

It was tentatively scheduled for Saturday, that the flight from La Rochelle (5, 36 points) to Toulon (11, 22 points) was postponed by a day after the discovery new positive cases to Covid-19 inside the RCT, which had about 20. According to the LNR press release, eight Toulon players were still in isolation at match time and VAR were unable to field six front-row players as required by regulations.

The shock was reprogrammed between Toulouse (second place, 41 points) and Montpellier (third, 40 points).
For Hérault, who could not count on six front-line players either, 17 players tested positive for Covid-19 and were isolated at match time.

In all, since the start of the season, at least nine teams have fallen behind in one late game, and RCT has been the club hardest hit since Stade Rochelais’ reception is their third postponed game.

Get out of the downward spiral to race 92

Leader Bordeaux Bagels He took advantage of his kidnapping victory on Saturday Brave (22-19) and postpone the confrontation between their first two pursuers, Toulouse and Montpellier, to take the lead in the Top 14. Led by 14-3 at the end of the first half, they managed to change the situation, in difficult weather conditions.

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past so far between periods of postponement, caster He called himself to the podium thanks to his success on French stadium (15-9), who thought he could force the decision in the last seconds on a series of melees near the line. Tarni managed to keep his foot in a no-try match, being number 16 in a row undefeated in the Pierre Fabre meadow.

simulation is good for leon. After a full match played last week by young opener Leo Perdue, who has 27 points alone against Racing 92 (37-35), Lima Soboaga had a chance against bao He managed to rise to the occasion. The former All Black team contributed to Ron’s win (35-10), consisting of five attempts, including two by fellow New Zealander Jordan Taofoa. Last season we had it at the door of the finals, and now they are firmly in the top six.

The Fear Match between the tournament’s last two matches, which were in line with their typical stakes team, turned in favor of Perpignan (25-23) in the field of the other promotion, Biarritz. The Catalans, who already won the first leg in front of their fans (33-20), carry out a very good operation with the aim of maintaining it by beating a direct opponent, now three points behind.

Get out of the downward spiral to race 92

Saturday evening Race 92 Batu a Claremont From 33 to 28 in a closed arena with only 2,000 spectators, the scale and entry required are reserved for subscribers and partners only. The task was difficult for Racing 92, who had not won the championship in two months. After four consecutive defeats, the Parisians took 10th place. For his part, Clermont was dreaming of a second success in a row after his victory over Toulouse.

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