Australia, a new issue of So!  Sydney

Australia, a new issue of So! Sydney

A new year and a new edition of the Sydney Periodical, then! , up to the readers. Franco Baldi’s editorial has opened with its 2022 editorial, which aims to increase the number of readers of the weekly newspaper in other Australian cities and in New Zealand, where there is a growing Italian community. Among the news on the front page, there are also a series of short updates on Covid-19, current affairs and foreign policy. Institutional news provides a look at the opening of the Cervi Museum in Gattatico (Reggio Emilia), 78 years after the massacre and news regarding the University of Bologna’s educational offer to students abroad. In addition to an important update on pensions for overseas residents, with news from INPS of a Life campaign that requires retirees to use digital systems such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp by June 7, 2022 to access benefits. On page 3, for the section devoted to political and societal views, there is an article by the director on media freedom, followed by Marco Testa’s reflection on how to rebuild the social fabric of the Italian community in Australia and finally Emanuele Esposito’s comments on Silvio Berlusconi’s unlikely rise to the Quirinale. Local community news reported the election results in the Inland West municipality, with Italian-Australian Jess Darenzo elected as deputy mayor. Also a brief reference to the program of the first 100 days of the new Liverpool administration and the historical background regarding the city of Blacktown. Also reported were the recent fire at the Old Parliament House in Canberra and two news articles on electric cars arriving in Australia in 2022 and on Commissioner Montalbano’s well-known chain. Finally, specials also in New Zealand and Brisbane.

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For columns, ‘A Scuola’ opens with a community news report on two Italian-Australian women at the helm of men’s schools, chances for 2022 with an Italian ICoN and a master’s also from Australia, plus the usual Italian lesson. A new column, instead of Pino Forconi, is called “daje de punta …” with an article entitled “Er Chiusino de Roma”. Albini dedicates her column to “First Christmas in the Prologue,” while in the “Half an Hour of Religion” section two articles are about Pope Francis’ last message to the couple and about the importance of attending religious services in person for believers. On the other hand, Anna Maria Lo Castro suggests the legend of Befana, while Francesco Racco tells the story of “Danilo Dolce Gandhi’s Italian”. Maria Grazia Storniolo dedicates the Women’s Page to Audrey Hepburn, the brave girl who defied the Germans, with a look at women’s rights in the Middle East and tradition. Spifferi da Singapore by Omar Bass, which conveys ideas and opinions on the progress of Italian and international politics, through “Gattopardich’s shadows of universal and always essential behaviour”. Finally, for the sports section, an article by Antonio Bencivenga on Lorenzo Ensen and his new adventure in Canada. At the usual editorial meeting preceding the press, director Franco Baldi declared “Well! She is portraying herself in 2022 on new horizons, with pluralistic opinion pieces that have managed to capture the sentiments of the Italian community in Australia. Thank you to the editorial staff and all the collaborators for the past year.” then! It is available in print at newsstands as well as at major NSW community centers in the ACT. Furthermore, the print edition in digital form can be freely browsed at, along with in-depth daily articles.

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