Performance or inspiration for French supremacy in corporate team sport

Performance or inspiration for French supremacy in corporate team sport

Do you sometimes feel a little different from the majority? Even with mixed feelings of weirdness and helplessness? I yes! And that’s every time the Blues meet the All Blacks in rugby. Yes, while the whole world dreams that one of the two teams will win, I dream of a draw. Our republican motto, inscribed on the arches of our public places, has given me a taste of equality, fraternity, and, of course, liberty, which holds sacred things to me. However, if I am so attached to this equality of degree, my wife, children, in-laws and good friends who hold New Zealand citizenship are the main reason for this.

New Zealand is a great country that gave women the vote in 1893 and I was delighted when it won the America’s Cup in the USA in 1995. In New Zealand, the former First Blacks became school principals and girls, like boys, played rugby in the perfectly grassy schoolyard. In this country, in Antipodes in France, which lies more than 2,000 kilometers outside New Caledonia and faces Antarctica, we appreciate living fully in the present moment and giving everything to win now.

There, time is experienced differently and Farewell At the airport it is often heartbreaking because, more than anywhere, when we say goodbye, we don’t really know when we can meet again. Border closures to combat Covid, which I find more ruthless than rational, have made matters worse.

The French victory over the “All Blacks” team is neither the first nor the last!

Since defeating an All-Blacks or Blues team is so bitter for me, I hope every time I draw, which I prefer to describe as “perfect”. In 2002 I was charmed by the extraordinary score of 20-20, but since then it has always been a disaster. However, I can’t help but watch rugby on TV, I love this sport made of speed, dexterity and agility. The test match in November 2021, which my friends prepared me for Hakka, was no exception to the rule and the nightmare began again. Contrary to the bookies’ advice, the French team led by the Unchained Blues youth (but for many under-20 world champions), won in front of their supporters. Two years before the World Cup in France, this victory is neither the first nor the last, as commentators expect. Then at the end of this match came the idea of ​​turning this mix of feelings into a reason to train management teams to develop their sense of being.

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France, the world football champion and the leader in team sports at the Olympic Games, can inspire corporate management teams

During the third half I had some form of hallucination: “France, the world football champion and the world leader in team sports at the Olympics, will inspire companies. Even companies, which are exclusively commercial, will be inspired by sentimental companies that swear by team performance.” In the dead of night, on my sofa, as my wife encourages me to sleep on the evenings of French victories because I seem to “Scream like a sporty rooster when France wins…”, I told myself that this succession of French successes inspired companies (on a mission or not).

French coaches, like entrepreneurs, have almost this and almost nothing

This 40-25 win against the All Blacks confirms the most skeptical that the French coaches, like our Entrepreneurs, have. I don’t know what and this is next to nothing Emotional people, says Vladimir Yankelvich (who is not a sports journalist). I decided to reveal their secret, and rewatched the best of the match replay The commercial press roamed.

At first I thought that their secret lies in the selection of talents. After thinking, I tell myself that companies already knew that the best of them should be entrusted with the implementation of multifunctional projects. After that, I believed that team cohesion was the key to success. Like Michelin, which does not hesitate to let go of competent but fat coaches, the coaches are excluding top players who spoil the team spirit. They prefer assertive passers-by and impulsive scorers.

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These reflections left me unsatisfied. When I was about to give up, I came across information that had escaped me. Rafael Ibanez said: “When you defeat the All Blacks, you are not the same player anymore.” Fabian Gallagher had warmed his players up by sticking with them that the New Zealanders were more determined than ever to dominate them…again this year.

Both committed coaches and entrepreneurs play on their team’s sense of existence to win.

I realized that French coaches, like committed entrepreneurs, evoked a sense of presence in their players to motivate them. Know that the best opportunities cannot be ignored, because they never come back twice. In high-level sports, time runs out more than anywhere else. You will probably only participate in the Olympics once in your life. This is also why knockout matches have an unparalleled strength compared to group matches. Management teams may underestimate what this sense of presence can bring.

If we tell ourselves that today is the last day in the rest of the life of our company…

If companies tell themselves that today is “the last day for the rest of their lives” and that what is happening here and now represents an opportunity that may never be repeated, they will move beyond their silo struggles to win it over. They will certainly decide to mobilize their conscience in their strategic choices to leave a positive imprint on future generations. As I slept, I thanked on my couch all the French athletes who did their best to charm us. I heard them say to me: Ludovic, to you, is also ‘now or never’, so he doesn’t believe ‘there is what we need’ nor ‘what are we going to say’ and continues to decipher emotionally the corporate heart, because even if you don’t win all the competitions, you’ll have gained pride that you are. I tried.”

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