Melvyn Jaminet a offert un succès précieux à Perpignan.

UBB in pain, Perpignan is needed on the wire

The fifteenth remaining day, this Saturday, was marked by the success of Perpignan and Lyon, as well as the success of chief Bordeaux Begles.

Brave victim of the end of the Bordeaux Beagle
Bordeaux-Bègles, in the young melee, cemented his place as the leader of the Top 14 by going on to win at Brive (22-19) at the end of a nice comeback on Saturday, marking the 15th day. Half upside down, half upside down, sums up the production of Christophe Orius’ men who have never won the Curies as a manager. Despite a very poor and complicated start, especially in the touchdown and in the kick game, on a court battered by wind and rain, UBB has shown his character to take his winning streak to four since his stunning success in Racing 92. And also in four is the number of away victories he has won since The start of the season, making him more than a credible candidate for the live semi-finals.

A rise in bars at the break, a fresh face at the start of the second half, before a fiery finish and a solid test from Woki (59th place), doubt settled among the Corréziens who ended up failing in the melee. It was the key to this game. CAB did a fine job on the first act combining mastery, discipline and pragmatism with a great group test concluded by Bituniyata (19) and Laranjeira’s anti-polar clinical test (14-3, 40). Kojo even thought they did the hardest after the Tuicuvu test (19-9, 55), but the end of the match turned out to be a disappointment. An eighth setback in the past nine days is painful. While his victory failed for an hour, the entry of a new first streak by Girondin reversed everything and gave Loco the chance to bring his family back first (19-19), before a winning penalty five minutes from the end. (22-19, 75). The defensive bonus point that Jeremy Davidson’s men kept is not going to please anyone, and it’s really upkeep that we should be talking about now in the Curies.

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Perpignan knocks Biarritz
The shock of the rookie and last of the top 14 in favor of Perpignan, the snatch winner at Biarritz (25-23) who nonetheless had one game point on Saturday during the 15th day of the Top 14C’. An unbeatable match, especially for the BO in his garden in Aguilera, especially after the good impression the Basques made a week ago in Bordeaux by leaving with a defensive bonus. The stakes were heavy but the match and intentions were on every side. Even if there are still eleven days before the finale, the US Soccer Federation dealt a blow to its host today, with an undeniable psychological ascendancy. His efficiency after coming back from the locker room with two attempts signed by Duguivalu (52nd place), one was given at the foot by Tedder, and the other by Tedder personally, author of a critical interception (58), distinguished the Biarrots who were ahead in the break (13-8, 40). ). Dugivalo did indeed fire that shock of fear with a quick (fifth) attempt, but the failures at the foot of Jamenet didn’t allow Patrick Arlitaz’s men to make the hole. In contrast to the Basques, who took advantage of the visiting indiscipline to calmly return to the match thanks to the Peruvian boot, before Argentine Cobelle did not score half an attempt at the level of the kick (13-5, 29).

Then the usapiste scrum took matters into their own hands to reverse direction, thanks to these two tests that Duguivalu and Tedder set before the hour mark (22-13, 58). BO then relied on the penalty kick to catch the kick, but errors and wheeling reduced that choice to nothing. Until Barnaby Quillod, also a swindler, hoped (20-22, 68) as his side played 14 to 13. The end of the match felt painful. Breathing! The Basques pressed for a dropped penalty, passed by Heron (23-22, 74) and Aguilera exploded. But that joy was too short for Mahi to scratch the winning ball in the next sending-off. And this time, Jaminet (25-23, 76) didn’t shiver.

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Lyon continues against Bao
Six days after his successful race at Gerland, Lyon took a second straight victory (35-10) at home, on Saturday afternoon, on behalf of the 15th day of the Top 14. With that eighth success of the season, their fourth offensive bonus, Lou is back in fourth, tied on points (40) with Montpellier. For his part, Pau, the all-match leader, was unable to secure a second away win this season and remains eighth in the standings with 28 points.

In front of an opponent who came to Lyon to test himself with the goal of qualifying, Lionel did not tremble. First in difficulty in the opening, especially in contact, with losing three throws in the first period, Lyonnais made up for their strength. They were able to count on the influence of their captain and third midfield, New Zealander Jordan Taofua, double composer (VII, 32), and Fijian winger Josh Toisova, spearhead at the rear, still a Test composer (22nd) and a perfect match. Established for the first time this season at home, New Zealand’s opener Lima Sopoaga made the job against the poles (4 successful kicks out of five attempts). He continued to make his mark in the match, with a superb pass to make his first attempt in the Top 14 for Georgian winger Davit Niniashvili (28-10, 44), synonymous with an attacking bonus for Lyon.

For their part, Bale fed Lyon’s fever as he left his camp to feed the first-period scoreboard. And the second line, Martin Boych, took advantage of the opportunity to lose the ball in the melee to keep in touch with the result (14-10, 24). In the second half the visitors struggled to go to the opposing camp and start the match.

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