Prada Cup arrives in Venice

Prada Cup arrives in Venice

Max Serena and Gilberto Nobili will be at the Venice Boat Show with the trophy they won in Auckland. Together with Tommaso Chevy, they will be the heroes of the talk show about America’s Cup and recent and former Italian companies.

America’s Cup will also be the protagonist in Venice: in fact, two members of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli have arrived, who have kept Italy awake with their boat races on many winter nights. In a rapid escalation, the Italian team won the PRADA Cup, a competition to select competitors, and then engaged Emirates Airline New Zealand in an unprecedented duel, one of the most exciting dueling in history.

Max Serena, Team Manager, Director of Operations Gilberto “Gilo” Nobili will be heroes along with tactician Tommaso Chevi from the swamps of Venice and a member of several trophy campaigns on a talk show not to be missed led by journalist Antonio Vitesse: the title is “Luna Rossa and Moor Venice,” The Great Italian Adventures in America’s Cup. “

Venice is one of the reference cities for the PRADA group, which has one of the headquarters of the Prada Foundation dedicated to contemporary art in the city. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro declared: “Venice begins again and with it the entire nation in the year it celebrates 1,600 years and returns to become the Queen of the Sea. In Venice we are planning a new relationship with the sea.” And sport, the great adventures of Luna Rossa and the Moor of Venice is a coherent and important testimony.

“I was born in the Adriatic, often racing in these waters at the start of my career and I always keep my emotional memories even when I’m as far away as Auckland. In reality Venice and its arsenal remain unique in terms of beauty and content and also have value,” says Max Serena. A mission to Prada, which has one of the headquarters of its art foundation here. I am delighted to present here the PRADA Cup for the first time to the Italian public. ” Max is one of the Italian sailors who have competed in the Cup several times: since 2000 in all Luna Rossa entries, five in each of six challenges, in 2010 he won as president of the BMW Oracle Pavilion and in 2017 he won with Emirates Airlines Team New Zealand.
Jilo Nobili also has an important approach: he won the Cup three times, in 2010 and 2013 with Oracle and in 2017 with the Emirates Airlines team in New Zealand. So Max and Gillo is a unique experience to envy and their story will be full of value.

Tommaso Chevy is the Italian sailor who has won the most world and Italian titles, he started the 470th World Championship and never stopped. His first trophy appearance was at the helm of Italy, a competitor to the Italian Yachting Club in the 1987 edition in Perth Australia, he was a tactician in Il Moro di Venezia in 1992, at Oracle in 2003, and remains a tactical expert at Shosholoza in 2007. Participation is mainly related to his role on On board the Venice Marina, which has a special connection to the beach town. The second of the five structures launched by the team is in fact one of the “testimonials” of the city and currently its port is the Venice Arsenal.

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During the event, the PRADA Cup, the cup created by Florence silversmiths from the idea of ​​Australian designer Marc Newson, will be shown for the first time in Italy and in public places outside New Zealand.
The appointment is at 6 pm on Saturday the 29th at Arsenale Area Scali – Submarine and on social media and YouTube channels from the Venice Boat Show.

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