RC Toulon: Sergio Baresi stays for another year

RC Toulon: Sergio Baresi stays for another year

Now, 37 years old, Italian Sergio Baresi has not said his last word and will play another season under the colors of RC Toulon.

In recent days, Sergio Baresi (37 years old) has made no secret of his desire to extend his career for an additional season. While the coach-player role was mentioned, the Italian third row revealed to our colleagues at Var Matin He’ll only be a player next year: “My priority is to play RCT next season Sergio Baresi explained. We had to discuss a number of things, it has been done and the club will make an announcement when the time is right. Nothing official, but I decided to do an extra season as a player, but without a coaching assignment. “

With fans returning to the stadiums, the possibility of seeing Sergio Baresi the Italian jersey for the last time could be possible this fall (New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay) or during the 2022 tournament (the hosts for England and Scotland). “My words have not changed Sergio Baresi said. I always want to play one last game for Italy. There’s a new manager (New Zealander Kieran Crowley, appointed May 19) that I don’t know very well. We haven’t talked about that yet. The New Zealand summer tour has been canceled but in the fall the team plays against All Blakes, Australia and Uruguay. I’m so focused on the club that it doesn’t occupy my mind at the moment. When the time is up, it will be discussed with the manager. “

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