Bennett rode the Zoncolan a second time

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365: Posted on Sunday May 23, 2021 at 6:05 PM

In seventh place on the summit of Monte Zoncolan, George Bennett was keen to accompany teammate Eduardo Aveni by bike on the final ascent after crossing the finish line.

If George Bennett manages to take a beautiful seventh spot on the slopes of Monte Zoncolan on Saturday, the New Zealander owes a lot to Eduardo Aveni. The party with its leader in the big break that marked the fourteenth stage of the Giro and also led to the victory of Lorenzo Fortunato, the Italian was one of the main pillars of this group of runaways. The effort to touch the New Zealand champion and push him to face the slopes of sometimes more than 20% of Monte Zonkolan for a second time. In fact, as he was coming down to join his team bus, George Bennett met Edoardo Affini who was struggling to end this stage due to the efforts made during the day. Unwilling to leave his teammate in difficulty, he left the New Zealander to the end to lend his full support to the Italian, who ended up crossing the finish line in 75th, after 24 minutes, Lorenzo Fortunato.

Bennett: “I’m disgusted that I couldn’t finish the job.”

Before the start of the fifteenth stage, George Bennett made sure to greet Eduardo Aveni through a message posted on his account. Instagram. “A friendly greeting to a friend of Eduardo Aveni for driving the separation all day (Saturday),” said the New Zealander, commenting on a photo showing the riders on the slopes of Monte Zoncolan. I’m disgusted that I couldn’t finish the mission in the final, I just didn’t have enough in my legs after this start. I will face a 200 km nightmare at full force with headwinds for the rest of my life. George Bennett concludes his letter with the announcement: “Another week.” In fact, Giro is entering his final week of racing, which promises to be intense with alpine trails that will be in the program before trying their last time on the streets of Milan.

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