"Potential and dangerous" facts, according to Paris

“Potential and dangerous” facts, according to Paris

Danish Public Radio (DR) disclosure of the use of the country’s intelligence systems by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on top European officials should be verified, and facts will be denounced if proven, Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Boone, Monday 31 May.

“I do not, at this time, have the information to confirm clearly [ces informations] »And the Clement Boone said on the Franceinfo website. These potential facts are dangerous, and they must be verified (…) Then plot a certain number of results in our collaboration ”About this investigation added that the world, The Southgerman newspaper, German channels NDR and WDR, as well as Swedish public television stations (SVT) and Norwegian (NRK) had access.

Investigation : How the leaders of the European Union, including Angela Merkel, were spied on by the National Security Agency of Denmark

“There could actually be a number of diplomatic protests.” But even if there is “A serious journalistic investigation must first verify the accuracy of the facts, the extent of the facts and the possible seriousness of the facts.”The foreign minister insisted.

According to an investigation by Danish Public Television (DR) on Sunday, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has exploited Danish telecommunications cables to spy on prominent and senior officials in Germany, Sweden, Norway and France. To achieve this, the NSA took advantage of surveillance cooperation with the Danish military intelligence FE.

Angela Merkel, then German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and then opposition leader Per Steinbrueck were among those the NSA spied on, according to Dr. The NSA had access to text messages, phone calls, and internet traffic, including searches, chats, and messaging services, according to the doctor. according to German PressThe federal government like Bear Steinbrueck was unaware of this wiretapping.

The NSA spying was exposed in an internal FE report codenamed “Operation Dunhammer” and submitted to the FE Administration in May 2015, according to DR. Danish Defense Minister Trane Bramsen, who was appointed in June 2019, was briefed on the case in August 2020, according to Dr.

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Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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