In Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro has promised the citizens of Yanomami to put an end to illegal mines

In Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro has promised the citizens of Yanomami to put an end to illegal mines

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, in a video released Sunday 30 May, promised the Yanomane indigenous people an end to mining their land, as they don’t want it.

“If you don’t want mines, there won’t be mines.”In this video, which was recorded last Thursday during a meeting with representatives of the Yanomni communities, it was the first of its kind in Aboriginal lands, Mr. Bolsonaro said.

Since 2020, the indigenous people of Yanomane have alerted the authorities to the state of high tension prevailing in their lands, which constitute the largest indigenous reserve in the country with 96,000 km.2 And about 27,000 people.

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By 30% last year

Their representatives and environmental organizations denounce the illegal exploitation of the land, which has been favored in part by the rhetoric in favor of the economic exploitation of the indigenous lands of the Brazilian president, so far.

During Thursday’s meeting, Bolsonaro pledged that the military would intervene to enforce their rights, but he made no mention of illegal mines. These, which are the main cause of environmental devastation in the Amazon rainforest, increased by 30% last year, and destroyed the equivalent of 500 soccer fields, according to a report by the Yanumani Association.

For several weeks, indigenous people from the Yanumani and Mondoro (northern) regions suffered attacks from illegal minors, prompting a Supreme Court judge in Brazil to order the government to make a decision. ‘Necessary measures’ To protect them.

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