Macron and Merkel are waiting for explanations from Washington and Denmark

Macron and Merkel are waiting for explanations from Washington and Denmark

The French president and the German chancellor responded to the allegations of spying on Europeans appointed by the National Security Agency.

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On Monday, May 31, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel called on the United States and Denmark to explain the espionage allegations by some European officials, including the German chancellor. “If the information is correct (…) it is not acceptable to the Allies.” And the “Even less among European allies and partners”He responded at the end of the Franco-German Cabinet meeting with the French President, whose words the German Chancellor immediately agreed to.

According to an investigation conducted by Danmarks Radio (DR) on Sunday evening along with several other European media outlets, Washington used the Danish submarine cable network at least until 2014 to listen to political figures from four European countries (Germany, Sweden and Norway). And France). These discoveries are based on a classified Danish Military Intelligence (FE) report.

“I am connected to the bond of trust that unites Europeans and Americans”Emmanuel Macron stressed. “This is why what we expect is complete clarity. We have asked our Danish and American partners to provide all information about these discoveries and these past facts, and we are awaiting these answers. “.

“I can only relate myself to the words of Emmanuel Macron.”Angela Merkel answered. “The fact that the Danish government, including the Minister of Defense, has reassured me has also made it clear what it thinks about these things (…) It is a good basis not only for clarifying the facts but also for establishing relationships of trust.”

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