Possibility, but it needs to be studied

A Spanish media report indicates that a new bid is being developed to bring the America’s Cup to Valencia, Spain.

Who wants to bring the 37th America’s Cup to Valencia?

The original group promoting to host the 2007/10 2024 Cup abruptly withdrew, a week before AC37’s scheduled venue was announced on September 17, saying the Spanish government would not financially support its bid. As Spanish media reported on Thursday, October 15, the Vice Mayor of Valencia, Sandra Gomez, spokeswoman for the PSPV-PSOE of the Valencian Socialist Party, “Supporting public-private partnershipsTo host the 37th America’s Cup.

what he said

Speaking over breakfast to announce his return toMunicipal activity after maternity leaveGomez said they tookinformal contacts“And those who were waiting for an offer from Real Nautico de Valencia”Provide a serious and rigorous studyIf it is a reference to a formal proposal, or if this is also part of a study onreturn on investment”, is not known. Sports Minister Pilar Bernabé, also a member of the Socialist Party, indicated that the government was ready to reassess the existing infrastructure already developed for the 2007 America’s Cup. But private and commercial interests were expected to work together. . He said the council’s costs are expected to run into hundreds of thousands of euros, not millions. Since the infrastructure in the Valencia region has already been built, the costs are absorbed, if the commercial parties can realize their investment by giving them a positive return (rather than the region as a whole), the supply may be possible.

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America’s Cup cost budget exceeded

AC37 . headquarters

The bidding process to host the AC37 stadium opened in late 2020 and concluded before the 36th America’s Cup kick-off in early March 2021. Since then, the 35 opportunities have been reduced to three, namely Valencia, Jeddah and Cork. But there is also Barcelona, ​​a surprising late entry, and Auckland is still in the game, although the New Zealand government was unable to successfully negotiate a deal during the three-month exclusivity period, which expired on June 17, 2021. In the hall still the Impact Assessment Report, which was commissioned on behalf of the New Zealand government, which stated that the cost of the 36th America’s Cup was NZ$774 million. It is understood that for the time being, most of the candidate sites have relaunched the offerings under consideration, given the new business environment as economies seek a post-COVID revival path.

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