ASM : Matsushima forfait pour le déplacement au Stade Français, première pour Annandale

ASM: Matsushima package for a trip to the Stade Français, first for Annandale

Victim of a close alert during the final hearing on Saturday morning, Kotaro Matsushima will not be making a trip to the Stade de France on Sunday (9:05 p.m.). The Japanese full-back will be replaced by Thomas Rozier.

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The Sebastian Vahamahaina (Cervical) package will benefit New Zealand’s second youngster Edward Annandale (20). This will be his first stint in the Top 14. Hope played two minutes in the Champions Cup last season, when they conceded to Monster in December (33-39 defeat).

Mwala, Fischer and Rafai are at ease

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George Mwala sustained a slight blow to his wrist. In the center, Penaud and Vili will be associated as during the trip to Toulouse.

For this trip to the capital, Juno Gibbs made several changes to his choice. Thus, upon opening, JJ Hanrahan will be established for the second time after Lyon. Alexander Fischer and Benny Rafay are left to rest. This will allow Lucas Dessin and Jorge Beria to be called up for the first time in the group this season, just as Sheikh Tiberjian has returned from injury.

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As expected, second rower Thomas Lavanini will be the bench on Sunday. The Argentina international, who arrived in Claremont at the start of the week, will bring his experience and strength through the match.

Finally, as we announced on Friday, Arthur Etoria will wear the captain’s armband.

ASM team:
Rozier. O’Connor, Philly; Benod, Raca; (o) Hanrahan, (m) Bizzi; Cancoret, Lee, Etoria (cover); Anandil, Jedrasiak; Soleimani, Fourcade, Valgo.
Alternatives: Pelésé, Beria, Lavanini, Dessin, Villard, Lopez, Tebergen, Augovan.

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