Please refuse the superstar to enter Middle Earth

Please refuse the superstar to enter Middle Earth

The Amazons series The Lord of the Rings is no less known in secrecy, but the return of Middle Earth could have hidden from us so far the success of a superstar like Russell Crowe on the cast Belongs?

This persistent rumor has been speculated in Lord of the Rings fan circles for weeks. We’ve compiled the clues for you, but at the same time we’re asking the question: Was Russell Crowe involved Desirable at all?

Lord of the Rings with Russell Crowe: What’s the Truth of a Rumor?

The fact that the famous actor from movies like Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind actually became part of the behind-the-scenes series Lord of the Rings in Amazon should be treated as it is at this point: Unconfirmed rumorHe stands on shaky legs.

Russell Crowe on the Lord of the Rings, 20 years ago in Gladiator

However, there are some clues that sparked the Lord of the Rings speculation in the first place. We don’t want to withhold that from you.

The same actor recently tweeted several photos of him in February and March 2021, which he received in a trailer in (Makeup & Hair)Preparing to shoot Show – It sparked the speculation of Lord of the Rings.

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It is noted curlsRussell Crowe is dressed in the photos. It is also noticeable that it does not mention which movie or series it is. He seems to be running something, but no one knows what.

Of course, it could be old photos or a completely different project with ease. But Lord of the Rings fan base now wants him as an actor King Namnor or dwarf Doreen Look.

Additionally, all Lord of the Rings productions filmed in New Zealand (including the most recent Middle Earth ride from Amazon) have relied on neighboring Australian actors in the past. Reinforced at several locations in mid-March with Russell Cruz “A horse’s love for life” At least it can be roughly traced back to where the rumors are coming from.

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Lord of the Rings with a Big Star? Why choosing Russell Crowe would be a mistake

First of all, let me just say: I have Nothing against Russell Crowe

Personally. In fact, I really enjoy watching him act. As a fan of Lord of the Rings, I don’t even consider that he turned down the role of Aragorn in Peter Jackson’s trilogy (via THR ).

So why should his participation in Lord of the Rings be a shame? A big star like him is an attractive star at first glance Figure and draft horse For every new production. Rather, I say: Amazon should rather deny Russell Crowe access to Middle Earth – just Because He is well known as an actor. Very well known.

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Why those the new Lord of the Rings cast as a blessing stranger I’ve already explained elsewhere. As they are mostly unused faces, I look forward to re-discovering them and (similar to Game of Thrones) and then mentally connecting them to the Amazon fictional series, probably forever.

Middle-earth should be above all in the Lord of the Rings series from Amazon

Russell Crowe would come out of the mass of lesser-known actors as Sauron’s Eye on Mordor: an uncomfortable beacon that outshines others only because of his fame. this is Uncomfortable graduation It could damage the overall balanced image of a Middle East visit.

Lord of the Rings Please say: Hold, stop, this way and nothing more

The Amazon series, in my opinion, needs the actors to disappear behind their roles for a Middle-earth reboot to get off to a good start. When I get to know a new king at the end of 2021, I’ll say, “Oh, that’s my second role.” Not Hello Russell Crowe.

Dependent The Lord of the Rings brand name is more important More than any star that the Amazon series can land them with a reputation and an upfront role model. So please give me your new Middle Earth no weight – no matter how talented this ballast is.

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Want to see a big name like Russell Crowe in The Lord of the Rings series from Amazon?

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