Russell Crowe verteidigt seinen Film  Master & Commander - Bis ans Ende der Welt. Foto: Julien Warnand/epa/dpa Foto: dpa

Master & Commander: Russell Crowe responds to Twitter user criticism – Entertainment

Russell Crowe is defending his film “Master & Commander – until the End of the World”. Photo: Julian Warnan / epa / dpa Photo: dpa

One user recommended the adventure movie “Master & Commander” on Twitter as a sleep aid. Russell Crowe didn’t think it was funny.

BERLIN – Oscar-winning Russell Crowe (wrestler) defended his film “Master & Commander – Until the End of the World” against criticism from a Twitter user.

“This is the problem with children today. They have no focus,” the 56-year-old wrote in the SMS service. The user had previously recommended the movie as a sleep aid – and tagged Crowe in the post. “I never crossed the 10-minute mark,” the tweet read.

A week later, Crowe replied: The film tells “an epic story” that is “wonderful”, “demanding” and “attention to detail”. His conclusion: “Definitely an adult movie.”

In “Master & Commander” in 2003, Crowe played a captain with a charismatic personality and a strength consciousness to a British warship. Film adventure director Peter Weir cost $ 140 million.

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