Players complain about LEGO Fortnite for this practical reason

Players complain about LEGO Fortnite for this practical reason

Gaston Cooney

LEGO Fortnite players have expressed frustration over the game having a huge map that is difficult to navigate. This adds frustration because vehicles and other means of transportation remain unreliable.

LEGO Fortnite continues to be a smash hit for Epic Games. This full-featured survival game was added to the Fortnite hub just a few weeks ago, and players have been busy exploring its depths. There’s a lot to discover as you build the LEGO mansion of your dreams.

From desert to snowy biomes, there are plenty of resources to be found to help you craft more and more advanced items that will aid you on your travels. In addition, you will be able to take on increasingly greater challenges.

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Epic Games

The world is also procedurally generated, meaning that every time you start a new game, you’ll have a new landscape to discover and conquer. However, perhaps this is also a problem – perhaps the world is too big. That’s what some LEGO Fortnite players are saying, with many lamenting the time it takes to get around.

The world of LEGO Fortnite takes too long for some players

Getting around on foot can take a long time. in Share reddit With a very popular title “The game is too big without reliable transportation”, user Cryptikfox said that the game world is too cumbersome to traverse.

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They commented: “I love exploring the world, and I would happily waste my life collecting resources, but the travel distances are too harsh.”

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“Some friends and I have spent some time worldbuilding since release, but our village is now 20 minutes one way from the Frozen Wastes. “We had a bad seed with no real ideal locations near the three biomes.”

They also complained about vehicles that could become unreliable and buggy after several uses. This was confirmed by a second very popular post titled, “Don’t build a car expecting it to be useful.”

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They explained: “Neither do the heures of your view on a monorail that va se casser, nor do the heures on the fabriquer of an avion that the tourner has but don’t have the fuses coming out of the cage, and it doesn’t cause the error to occur if you want to dry it quickly.” on the map.”

The vehicles appear to be quite buggy, if not completely broken in their current condition, which compounds the problem with long travel distances. Hopefully, stability and more travel options will come to the gaming world in the future.

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