This big leak gives us the secrets of the Galaxy Ultra phone until 2026

This big leak gives us the secrets of the Galaxy Ultra phone until 2026

Leaker Tech_Reve published information about the Galaxy S25 Ultra and Galaxy S26 Ultra on the X. It is enough to know a lot about Samsung’s projects in the photo.

Photo module for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra // Source: Frandroid

While Samsung should present its future Galaxy S24 phone in less than a month, leaker Tech_Reve is already in the future. On the social networkSuper» The high-end Galaxy S24 Ultra, but also for the next two generations, Galaxy S25 Ultra and Galaxy S26 Ultra.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the leaker does not get too wet, because according to his information, the main photo novelty of the device lies in its telephoto module. He notes that Samsung will improve the unit by incorporating a new 50-megapixel sensor with 0.7-micron imaging locations for the x5 unit.

According to the main rumour, Samsung actually planned to ditch the module with x10 optical zoom and 10MP sensor in favor of a 50MP sensor linked to a lens that allows for x5 zoom.

Already known configurations for the Galaxy S25 Ultra and S26 Ultra

However, Tech_Reve does not stop there and goes so far as to mention Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S25 Ultra, expected at the beginning of 2025. According to him, the Korean manufacturer will rely on three main improvements with a better aim for the main axis. An ultra-wide-angle sensor that will increase to 50MP (compared to the current 12MP) and an improved telephoto lens that will allow “Variable capabilities“.

So this”Variable capabilities» It seems unclear, we can imagine that Samsung will allow you to adjust the focal aperture of this lens, or more likely, the optical zoom level. For several years, some manufacturers have been working on variable zoom lenses to allow you to seamlessly go from x3 to x5 zoom for example, without losing quality with cropping in the image.

Finally, according to Tech_Reve, Samsung is already working on the Galaxy S26 Ultra scheduled for launch in early 2026. This time, the manufacturer is mainly focusing on redesigning the main wide-angle camera. It will therefore move to a definition of 200 million pixels with optical sites of 0.7 microns on each side, compared to 0.6 microns currently. The sensor will also be larger than the one in the current Galaxy S23 Ultra, moving from a 1/1.3-inch format to a 1/1.1-inch format.

We still have to wait a long time before we know more about the upcoming smartphones.”Super» From Samsung. If the Galaxy S24 Ultra is scheduled to be introduced next month, the other two models will arrive within one year and two years, respectively. Above all, between now and then, Samsung has time to review its plans and introduce other configurations of the cameras on its phones.

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