Winter Wishes in Pokémon Go: Which Path to Choose?

Winter Wishes in Pokémon Go: Which Path to Choose?

Gaston Cooney

The one-time quest in Pokémon Go’s Winter Wishes asks players to choose a path, change their experience, and offer different rewards – but which path should you choose?

Pokémon Go players are often faced with choices, but few are as difficult as the Path of Choice missions in Spot Studies. Not only do you have to complete all the challenges, but you’ll also face a decision in which a choice can radically change your rewards.

Pokémon Go’s Winter Wishes quest is no different for once in the winter, forcing fans to choose between getting more XP or Stardust as a reward. So, to help you decide, here’s which path you should choose.

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Should you choose to catch Pokémon or collect Stardust in Pokémon Go Winter Greetings in winter?

In the end, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, because you’ll face Pietaceous either way. We recommend simply choosing the bonus that suits you. If you’re at max level, go double your Stardust with the Stardust Collection option, or if you’re about to level up, go double your XP by capturing wild Pokémon. However, we recommend choosing to catch Pokemon to level up quickly.

Explaining the way to catch Pokemon

If you choose the Pokémon Catching Path during Pokémon Go’s Winter Greetings event in the winter, you’ll get these rewards:

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  • 25,000 xp
  • 1 lucky egg
  • Meeting with Betasse

The Lucky Egg will provide you with double XP for a limited time, increasing your XP beyond the initial 25,000.

Explanation of the path to the Stardust cluster

If you choose to go the Stardust collecting route, you can get these rewards:

  • 7500 Stardust
  • 1pc star
  • Meeting with Betasse

In addition to other rewards, Star Piece will give you a bonus to the value of the Stardust you earn by 50%, meaning that every Pokemon you catch in that time will give you more Stardust than it “normally” would.

That’s it for whether you should choose to earn double XP or double Stardust in Pokémon Go’s Winter Wishes quest once in a winter. While you’re completing quests, take a look at some of our other useful Pokémon Go guides and content.

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