Perform the first ear canal removal on a pig

Perform the first ear canal removal on a pig

A few days ago, Ella, a pig from Vietnam, had her ear canal completely removed, a first for this species. The animal, which had been under antibiotics for several months, suffered from chronic ear infections.

The first of its kind in swine medicine

On December 19, the doctors of the veterinary hospital atOregon State University He performed the first known surgery to remove the ear canal on a pig named Ella in collaboration with an otolaryngologist. Three-year-old Ella is doing well and is currently recovering from surgery at Louis Bates Atchison Veterinary Teaching Hospital, The Ohio State University’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine.

Ella, who was rescued by the nonprofit two years ago Morningside Farm Preserve (Oregon), suffered fromChronic ear infections who caused it Sometimes pain and loss of balance.

If total ablation of the auditory canal is usually practiced in dogAnd the It had never been performed on a pig beforewhose external auditory canal is essentially enclosed in a bony shaft, making it difficult to access for surgery.

Ella a few days before her operation. Credits: morningsidefarmsanctuary/Instagram

Successful intervention

For this procedure, the OSU team, led by Katie Townsend, first worked with Portland-based otologist Dr. Timothy Hollar, to obtain a 3D printed skull from Ella’s scan. Oregon State University veterinarian Suzanne Steiger-Vanegas helped the team visualize and plan how the surgery would be performed.

Katie Townsend also turned to her ear surgeon, Timothy Hollar, who operated on her about five years ago for a condition called otosclerosis, which can lead to deafness when the bones of the inner ear fuse together.

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It was the surgical team Four aircraft planned In order to obtain alternative solutions if difficulties arise during the procedure. In the end, only Plan A will suffice. Less than half an hour into the procedure, Ella woke up and started eating carrot chips again, her favorite snack. ” Everything worked fineTownsend said. Her head is still slightly tilted. It may not be resolved, but it makes it questionable, which adds to its charm.“.

Doctors now hope to write a case report so other doctors can learn from it. This first great is also a An excellent model for human ears. In fact, if the outer ear of a pig is very different from the outer ear, then the inner ear and the middle ear have some similarities.

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