Narbonne: new parking spaces and creation of green spaces in the city centre

Narbonne: new parking spaces and creation of green spaces in the city centre

Work will start on January 2 and will last for three months.

After several stages of consultation and discussion between the Town Hall of Narbonne and the local population, redevelopment work will begin on the parking island located between avenue Rochambeau and avenue Paul Tourmale from the week of January 2 to a period of three months.

Concretely, the parking spaces located there will be improved so that they are more accessible than today. Thus, 22 parking spaces will be developed, one of which will be reserved for people with limited mobility.

At the same time, as part of the city’s projects, “Implemented to promote urban islands of tranquility”A green space of 150 square meters will see daylight in the middle of the intersection. Thus new trees will be planted and will replace those already present, which the municipality considers to be “aging and poorly adapted to the local climate”. On the other hand, the existing Holm Oak will be well preserved. So next spring, at the end of the work, we will find certain species. These are the red maple, the Indian lilac, the Judas tree, the soap tree, and the pyramidal locust.

This green space will have benches while canines, a fixed sandy space designated for dogs, will be installed. In addition, seven buried containers that include selective sorting will be located.

Finally, in an ambition to achieve energy savings, the general lighting of the island will be replaced by LED sconces.

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