Perfect for getting into draft pieces like Jonah Lomu

Perfect for getting into draft pieces like Jonah Lomu

Young Frenchman Ousmane Dieng heads to the NBL Championship – the Australian Championship – for the final year before the draft. A holder of several American universities, Othman preferred to choose the career path. His heart has long swung between the NCAA, G-League’s Team Ignite – which brings together many American potential clients – and the NBL. On the gong, Dieng finally picked the New Zealand Breakers team according to ESPN.

Fort de son championnat d’Europe U16 où la France s’est hissée à la deuxième place, Ousmane Dieng a tapé dans l’œil des scouts avec sa feuille statistique à 8,7 points, 3, 6 passes et 2,7 rebonds pendant session. Ding himself admits that it was the most important step in his young career. Into the microphone of Evan Daniels from 247 Sports in June :

“Even though we lost in the finals, I was able to gain experience and position myself compared to other non-French players. I was also able to see the difference internationally and what it takes.”

The INSEP player is described as a versatile outdoorsy that combines very good passing qualities, good defensive fundamentals with a reliable shot. Some already dare to compare to Paul George, but Dieng works instead by watching Kevin Durant, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, or Brandon Ingram. The new element from New Zealand Breakers arrives in a prestigious formation within the NBL. A four-time champion between 2011 and 2015, the team hopes to regain the tops under the momentum of promising youth.

NBL has been able to attract new talent every year and its appeal is on the rise. Osman will be looking to show his value there during the next season. The Oceania League is now presenting itself as a good alternative to American universities and European clubs to prepare for its future arrival in the NBA. Its program called NBL Next Stars allows good development of young players to help them reach the highest level. The Next Star program was created after a merger of players like Terrance Ferguson, who ran into this competition after leaving college benches aside, and shows his sign of development is healthy. lamillo ball – Candidate for Rookie of the Year – Promising RJ Hampton has already shown that this program is a perfect fit for the requirements of the NBAAllowing players to be paid.

“I want to be as prepared as possible for my arrival in the NBA. Like I said before, I remain open to any opportunities that arise. This decision will be the fruit of a reflection between my family and INSEP.”

– Osman Deng before choosing the NBL track

Young Osman finally chose New Zealand, definitely considering that this path would be most suitable for his development. We must now hope that the Frenchman continues his good progress, is in physical shape and leads his team to good performances to snatch the place for the lottery selection which is expected to be in 2022.

Text source: ESPN

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