At the time, a Lord of the Rings fan walked into New Zealand dressed as Gandalf: the pictures are stunning!

At the time, a Lord of the Rings fan walked into New Zealand dressed as Gandalf: the pictures are stunning!

The blockbuster fantasy trilogy directed by Peter JacksonAnd the the Lord of the RingsInspired by a genius novel J.R.R. TolkienIt is considered one of the largest and most extraordinary projects, as well as ambitions, implemented in the history of cinema. Set in a fictional world, all three films were shot almost entirely in New Zealand, a land that has often hosted some major movie sets over the years. Jackson’s project proved to be an international success, acclaiming audiences and critics worldwide. The third act earned a higher total than the first set 2: With $1,119,929,521, it entered the history of the most-watched films of 2003, year of release The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the KingAs well as achieving the highest record in the history of cinema. Winner of 11 Oscars, The de the Lord of the Rings Loved by thousands of viewers. Among them is the photographer Akhil Suhas Who praised the land that hosted the site and the film.

The #GandalfTheGuide project in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand

Override the places used as a group D the Lord of the RingsAchilles Sahas travels the country with a camera and a Gandalf costume which he asks the volunteers to wear to be the protagonists of his extraordinary photographs. “I was watching movies for the fifth time when I realized that New Zealand is mainly known for two things: its landscapes and The Lord of the Rings.‘, he stated during a BuzzFeed interview.This is how this project started“.

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In six months, Suhas traveled 15,000 km in New Zealand from north to south, also placing Gandalf in the middle of landscapes that were never used in the movie series and immortalized some of those found in the saga. Chronicles of Narnia. “I was able to get to some sites in five minutes while for others it took three to six hours of hiking. It was really tiring at times, but it was worth it!Follow Sahas. The #GandalfTheGuide project was one of the photographer’s first and was pushed by the New Zealand Tourism Board which helped promote his work.

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