“Peace in Ukraine”: Russia is turning its back on the conference announced in Switzerland – 04/10/2024 at 6:15 pm

The Swiss government announced the “first step” of the discussions scheduled for June 15-16. The project does not appeal to Russia, which was quick to reject the “American project.”

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy in Moscow, April 2023 (AFP/ALEXANDER NEMENOV)

Russian diplomacy on Wednesday, April 10, described it as a project of the “American Democrats”, the party of President Joe Biden, and the “Peace in Ukraine” conference organized by Switzerland on June 15-16, in which Russia will not be represented.

The spokesman for the official TASS news agency accused Russian diplomat Maria Zakharova, saying: “Behind all this stand the American Democrats who want photos and videos of such an event to indicate that their project ‘Ukraine’ is still relevant.”

She denounced electoral motives, referring to the battle between Republicans and Democrats in light of the November presidential elections witnessed by Biden and former President Donald Trump, whose Republican camp has been blocking much-needed military aid to Kiev for months.

“The elections are everything for them, and Ukraine is nothing,” Ms. Zakharova insisted, accusing the democratic leaders, by backing Kiev against Moscow, of “endangering thousands of Ukrainians.”

Moscow explained its attack on Ukraine in February 2022 by claiming that the United States was using Kiev as a tool to weaken Russia by proxy.

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