In the United States, a traffic stop turned into a tragedy

In the United States, a traffic stop turned into a tragedy

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In Chicago, a man was stopped for wearing a seat belt and allegedly fired at police, who responded with about 100 shots, killing the driver.

For not wearing a seat belt, a traffic stop ended in a hail of gunfire in Chicago, USA. The police watchdog released photos on Tuesday, April 9, of a search by three plainclothes officers that turned into a tragedy. This scene happened on March 21.

In images from a police officer's on-board camera, we can see an officer checking on the driver of a white SUV with tinted windows. The tone rises quickly between the two men. “Open the door now.”– the policeman repeats several times. The 26-year-old refuses. According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (the Chicago Police Department's civilian oversight agency), the driver of the SUV opened fire on the officers, wounding one of them, before fleeing.

The police responded immediately, firing 96 shots in 41 seconds. The car driver died. The investigation is ongoing and the officers have been suspended during the investigation.

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