The military junta “suspenses” the activities of political parties

The military junta “suspenses” the activities of political parties

Colonel Asmi Goita, head of the ruling military junta since August 2020.

“Suspension of the activities of political parties and the political activities of associations across the entire national territory until further notice for reasons related to public order.”This came in a decree taken by the head of the military council, Colonel Assimi Goita, in the Council of Ministers, and read to journalists by Colonel Abdullah Maiga, the official government spokesman. This is a new restriction on any expression of dissent or dissent by the colonels who took power by force in August 2020 by ousting civilian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

This comes as the military remains at the helm of the country beyond March 26, 2024, a date on which it committed, under pressure from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to make room for elected civilians. They also did not organize presidential elections in February 2024 as they promised.

Colonel Maiga justified the parties' suspension by invoking A “a dialogue” Patriotic was launched by Colonel Goita on December 31. Launch this “a dialogue” In addition to not respecting the deadline of March 26 'Fruitless discussions' And the “Assumptions without reason”Colonel Maiga said.

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