Parrot thief steals the camera from the family

Parrot thief steals the camera from the family

Wallets, necklaces or food: nothing is safe from them. We are talking about Bag. Keas are a species of parrot native to New Zealand. Recently, Kia ruined the family outing.

The family was in one national park On the road. A national park is a protected area so that it cannot be destroyed – for example a forest, a river or a sea. In New Zealand’s National Park, a family was filming a group of kyats when a camera bird snatched from them. The camera was the so-called Go Pro . camera. These are extremely shatterproof mini cameras. Athletes like to use them, for example, to record their rides on skates or bicycles.

Kia grabbed the camera and flew it away. The camera kept turning and filming everything. The result was a great movie showing the bird in flight. After that, the animal sits with the camera and captures it. A piece of plastic can separate the animal. But see for yourself!
Good to know: In the end, the son finds the camera. This is how the movie ended online.


… Omnivores. Animals in particular love nuts.

… the size of an average sized chicken.

.. very smart birds. They can use tools and even recognize themselves in the mirror.

… not popular with New Zealanders. Not only do they like to steal, but they often break things or disturb the peace. For example, it has been observed that they enter homes through cotton pads and then help themselves to food.

… in danger.

On the map, you can see where New Zealand is located and in which national park the Kia thieves were on their way:

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