Fewer and fewer viewers: The Academy Awards present awards to the audience

Fewer and fewer viewers: The Academy Awards present awards to the audience

The organizers of the Academy Awards have announced that they will present an audience award that movie fans can vote for online. American Film Academy Vice President Meryl Johnson said Monday (local time) that online voting will give fans an opportunity to “engage in the show in real time, form a community and participate in the experience like never before.”

Movie fans can vote for their favorite up to 20 times per day on Twitter or the Oscars website until March 3. In a separate survey, fans are also asked to choose their favorite “movie celebration moment”. The five most-voted scenes will be shown at the Academy Awards, as the audience “couldn’t help but burst into cheers.”

Oscar 2021 with only ten million viewers

So far, only members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as it is officially called the American Film Academy, decide awards in more than 20 categories. However, the organizers are struggling against drastically reduced audience numbers at the awards ceremony. Only about ten million people watched the party last year – less than half of the TV viewers for 2020.

Critics attribute the declining importance of the awards to the fact that films that have drawn large numbers of viewers to cinemas have not been well received by members of the Academy in recent years. Additionally, the awards themselves have been shown to lack entertainment value. That’s why this year, and for the first time since 2018, the psychics will lead the award ceremony.

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The 94th Academy Awards will be presented in Los Angeles on March 27. The Western movie “The Power of the Dog” is the top nominee with 12 award nominations this year for what remains the world’s top film award.

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