Palworld's best electric-type friends

Palworld's best electric-type friends

In Palworld, Electric-type friends can be the most destructive in combat. Although the Fire type is the best choice for sustained damage, nothing beats High Voltage.

There are nine elements in Palworld that players can fight for, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Although weak against Ground-type friends, Electric-type friends have a lot to offer in terms of pure damage.

Additionally, there are plenty of water-type friends to collect in Palworld, including some of the best Alpha friends in the game, and a suitable electric companion makes working with these epic encounters relatively easy.

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Here are the best Electric-type friends up to level 50.


Pocket pair
  • Kindly : electricity
  • Partner skill : Crazy Jumper – Can be used as a mobility stand. Allows the use of double jump when installing.
  • Ability to work : Power generation level 2

Although he's not the most useful companion in the base, Rayhound is an absolute beast in combat. He produces some of the best targeted and group damage at mid levels, and is almost capable of clearing a dungeon on his own.

The fact that it can be mounted makes it a friend while waiting for faster flight mounts to arrive.

relaxsource lux

Pocket pair
  • Kindly : electricity
  • Partner skill : Rocket Party – Can be used as a portable stand. Allows rapid fire to be used on the rocket launcher when mounted.
  • Ability to work : Power generation level 3, transportation level 1.

Relaxaurus Lux is very similar to its Water-type counterpart, and is a good choice for tough battles. Not only does his large health pool make him difficult to take down, but he can also be mounted, providing a great vantage point to use the quick-fire rocket launcher against unlucky enemies.

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It has a Tier 3 Power Generation action ability that is very useful for your base, as well as being a Tier 1 Transporter, which doesn't mess with anything.


Univolt in PalworldPocket pair
  • Kindly : electricity
  • Partner skill : Lightning Bolt – Can be used as a mobile holder. Grants the player Electric-type attacks while mounted.
  • Ability to work :Slaughter Level 1, Power Generation Level 2.

It's hard to separate Univolt and Rayhound on the list because they are so similar. Both can be used as a stand and deal incredible damage to enemies. However, Univolt has two distinct advantages over its canine counterpart.

The first is his Partner skill, which adds electrical damage to all attacks the player makes. This is better than Rayhound's double jump boost, as it is useful more often. Univolt also offers more thanks to its ability to work in slaughter and power generation.

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Lighthouse in PalworldPocket pair
  • Kindly : electricity
  • Partner skill : Thunderstorm – Can be used as a flying mount. When mounted, grants the player Electric-type attacks.
  • Ability to work : Transmission level 3, Power generation level 2, Assembly level 1.

The Beakon is one of the few electric type buddies that can be used as a bird stand. In this regard, he is an excellent companion. Not only does it apply the same electrical boost to the player's attacks, but it also provides massive damage potential on its own.

Not only that, but Beakon is a great companion for working in your base. Like many friends on this list, he has Level 2 Power Generation, but he also has Level 1 Gathering and Level 3 Transfer to his deck. Get one, and you'll be moving what you want in no time.

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Musanda Lux

  • Kindly : electricity
  • Partner skill : Pandanade – Can be used as a portable stand. Allows the use of rapid fire from a grenade launcher when mounted.
  • Ability to work : Manual labor level 2, slaughter level 2, transportation level 3, power generation level 3

Don't let the panda's cute orange appearance fool you; Musanda Lux packs a powerful punch. In addition to its high damage, it also allows the player to fire a grenade launcher while mounted, with a similar mechanism to Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus Lux.

However, his real strength comes in camp, where he is one of the most versatile sidekicks in the entire game. He has three of the best overall skills in the game at this level, and adds level 2 power generation to the equation for even more experience.

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Grizzbolt in PalworldPocket pair
  • Kindly : electricity
  • Partner skill : Yellow tank – can be used as a stand for transport. Allows rapid fire use with the minigun when mounted.
  • Ability to work : Manual labor level 2, slaughter level 2, transportation level 3, power generation level 3.

Grizzbolt became arguably the most recognizable person in Palworld and the face of the franchise as a whole. As the first Pal Tower Boss players encounter in the game, it won't take long for them to realize that he's quite a destructive character. Add to that the spray that can be used after installing the mind, and nothing will resist you.

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To make matters worse, Grizzbolt is also very useful around the base. It is a very efficient means of transporting goods and the Pal has the highest power generation in the game (along with the Orserk). He can also contribute to manual labor and slaughter.

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Orsirk in PalworldPocket pair
  • Kindly :Dragon/Electricity
  • Partner skill : Thunder Dragon – When fighting alongside it, the number of items obtained increases if you defeat a Water-type friend.
  • Ability to work : Power generation level 4, manual labor level 2, transportation level 3.

It's hard to say who is the best electric type friend between Orserk or Grizzbolt. They both share three of the same functional abilities, and produce similar levels of damage in combat (although Orserk is slightly superior).

Orserk's main advantage comes from its additional Dragon type, which allows it to take on some of Palworld's biggest threats more easily than Grizzbolt. It's also a better friend to use for farming, thanks to the bonus partner skill spoils.

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