The latest leaks reveal more power for the next Xbox, get ready to explode!

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Hello gamers and pop culture enthusiasts, Dylan is here to share with you the latest exciting information about the next generation of video game consoles. So, hold on tight, because according to rumours, the PlayStation 6 could even out-power the next Xbox console. Suffice it to say that PlayStation fans can already think about which Xbox games could be coming to their favorite console. It looks like the days of exclusives are coming to an end, at least on the Xbox side – here's what Phil Spencer has suggested.

Well, even if we're all impatient to discover the PS6, I can't help but think about the future performance of “Judas” on PS5. But keep in mind that there are titles, such as “Starfield,” that are not intended for PlayStation at the moment, at least. It's a bag full of knots, but one thing's for sure: Sony plans to undercut the competition with a powerful console that Xbox will have a hard time matching.

Come on, let's tone down the excitement a little. Even if the source of the leaks seems reliable to many, let's not take all this too seriously. We're just trying to keep you from getting disappointed or angry with us, huh.

According to YouTuber Red Gaming Tech, Sony began developing the PS6 last year, which confirms the doubts of many players. Please note that Red Gaming Tech is not an official source, let's not forget. It looks like the PS6 will use AMD technology, aiming to use ray tracing/path tracing to outsmart its competitors. It remains to be seen whether this technology will be affordable in 2028, the supposed release year of the PS6. Otherwise, many players may not be able to afford it.

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Regardless, it's clear that Sony is gearing up for something heavy with its next console. The real question is whether Microsoft is ready to take on the challenge… the excitement!

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