Palworld-style survival game is coming to Fortnite Creative

Palworld-style survival game is coming to Fortnite Creative

Ludovic Quinson

A developer from Fortnite Creative introduced the gameplay of Palworld mode through a survival and shooting mode.

Palworld is one of the hottest games of 2024. It recently surpassed 19 million players with over 12 million downloads on Steam and 7 million on Xbox.

With Palworld's popularity growing in the gaming world, Fortnite creator named Tom Jank has made it his mission to bring a touch of Palworld to the Epic Games game.

Fortnite Creative has changed the way players explore the world by allowing creators to design custom maps, islands, and more.

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Palworld is coming to Fortnite Creative

Jank used Fortnite's dinos to resemble Palworld's Pals, which take a similar form to Pokémon. These dinosaurs, of different colors, will rush towards the player on Creativity Island. The player's goal is to shoot “buddies” and survive as many waves as possible.

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In the world in Fortnite“, Asks unwanted. “No, actually, I wouldn't use that as a card name, because that would be theft of intellectual property. Morning Warm-up: I wanted to spend the morning learning to retarget IK and NPC; Very funny ! How many dinosaurs do you think you can survive?

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Jank claims that the map was created primarily using the Unreal Engine, like many other maps in this mode. However, no island codes have been made available yet for players to be able to play for themselves.

Comments below the post asked questions about the individual mechanics of the island and offered suggestions on what could improve the experience. But Jank has not commented on any upcoming updates to this map.

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